Why Am I Still Single? A Gay Man’s Question


I’m so tired of being a “nice person” and getting no place for it. I continue to be confounded by my situation and need to see better why others act the way they do, what I am doing incorrectly, and what things I can do to improve myself. I’m not impeccable and don’t put on a show to be. I’m not a model, but rather I’m regularly told by individuals that I’m “hot” and how nice and sweet I am. I am passionate and great in informal lodging I have a decent personality and comical inclination. I have my own particular place, another auto, an incredible activity, and I’m exceptionally fruitful in my profession that holds a great deal of promise for more development and achievement. So I figure my biggest question is why am only i? I treat the folks I have gone out with truly well. However, it never is by all accounts enough. I simply need to build a life with somebody who has ambition, dreams, and who will love me and pay special mind to me as I would for him. – Gay Man, age 29

This young fellow is not the only one with his predicament. Millions of singles, both gay and straight, confront the same frustrations and difficulties involved in their dating journeys for their actual life accomplices. Finding a compatible, quality person to settle down with is a standout amongst the most important decisions you’ll make, so it’s important to survey how you’re dating experiences and choices are matching with your necessities and objectives, particularly if you’ve been dealing with a series of dating mishaps and disatisfactions. The question of “why am I still single?” is an extremely complex issue that isn’t possible justice with answering in a short article, however this piece will bundle some key points that will ideally kick you off with figuring out your own particular situation if you’re pondering this regular question; maybe it will end up being a launching cushion for you in approaching your dates differently.

Reasons Why We’re Still Single

It certainly can challenge trying to find a respectable man to build your life with, somebody who has a decent head on his shoulders and who’s possessed the capacity to defeat a ton of the refuse we gay men need to experience to feel OK about ourselves in this homophobic society. You have a feeling that you’re a motivated individual with loads of potential and possibility in front of you, driven to succeed and achieve.You likewise believe that you’re a “decent catch” and realize that you have a great deal to contribute and give in a romantic relationship if given the opportunity. In any case, how would you find that in another person?

There are a multitude of reasons why somebody may still be single when they genuinely desire a relationship. Possibly they continue attracting the same kind of accomplice who’s wrong for them, or they’re unrealistic in their principles, or they have feeble social and dating skills, or they fear losing their own flexibility, among many others. Many gay men have a difficult time establishing and maintaining intimate relationships in view of internalized homophobia or intimacy fears. And after that it turns out to be anything but difficult to go up against a “victim mentality” and turn out to be excessively centered around the defects of the men we date. Made a stride further, one would then be able to begin developing beliefs like “It’s never going to occur for me; they generally end up being such failures” or “Gay men aren’t equipped for having long haul relationships”, among others. These are on the whole false, obviously, however easily resulting from frustration and misery.

In all actuality, we can’t change other individuals. What’s most important at this crossroads is to unwind, take the emphasis off of alternate folks and why they are how they are, and put your vitality into examining the part that you may play in this issue, since that is the place the way to progress is in you taking charge of your life and making individual changes where they’re required. The following are a few suggestions to kick you off in the right direction:

Step by step instructions to Increase Your Odds of Finding True Love

1. Be the best individual you can be. Live your life minus all potential limitations with no expectations of a relationship. You might make a decent attempt at finding love and that can disrupt. Lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle with reason, meaning, and passion, and like-minded individuals will be pulled in and attracted to your vitality. Build your emotionally supportive network as well and continue dreaming big! Devote yourself completely to self-awareness and lift your confidence and confidence and eliminate any feelings of trepidation you may have.

2. Know yourself totally and build up your vision. This is the most important advance! Be clear about your identity, what you need, and how you’ll get it. Do this for your individual life, as well as make a relationship and life accomplice vision. What are your needs, needs, qualities, and requirements for both? What’s negotiable and what’s non-negotiable? Be certain.

3. When you begin dating, utilize this vision as your guide. Gather information and experiences from the men you date to gain a solid learning of their identity and ensure they’re in alignment with your vision. At the first sight of a non-negotiable trait they have, disengage to avoid getting more invested and continue searching. Many people ignore these signs and after that they get in too far. Avoid this trap!

4. Investigate your past relationships with men. Do you see any examples in the sorts of men you’re pulled in to or the kind of relationships you’ve had? It is safe to say that you are continually getting involved with emotionally unavailable men? Is it true that you are projecting your own particular issues onto these men? It is safe to say that you are truly prepared for a relationship as much as you may need it? Do you have any unfinished business from a prior relationship that keeps you from being ready to grieve it and released it? These are everything to consider as you do your self-analysis.

5. Identify your relationship beliefs. These pre-conceived notions and contemplations might keep you down and sabotaging your endeavors. A few examples of foolish considerations might include: “All the great ones are taken”; “Gay relationships don’t last”; “I failed at relationships some time recently, so I will again”; “Gay men can’t commit. I’ll be separated from everyone else always”, and so forth. Work at creating new beliefs to dispute these and assemble evidence to demonstrate these negative ones off-base.


So more or less, work aggressively at the above points and you’ll be at a decent starting point. Different things to consider might be to live your life to the maximum and a relationship will happen when you’re not pressuring yourself so much since you’re cheerful and living with reason. Turn out to be truly attractive “on the inside” and you will draw in similar individuals (The Law of Attraction). Be visible, remove risks and extend from your customary range of familiarity, create skills to support your confidence and adapt to feelings of loneliness, create solid boundaries, and dependably remain consistent with your vision regardless. Good fortunes with your mission! One great catch merits another!