Who Am I?

All things considered, here we go investigating a standout amongst the most heinous crimes sustained against our extremely Being. It begins with an exceptionally innocent question: “Who am I?” Now if we deliberately unload this question, we may watch an assumption that seems invisible: the announcement that there is an “I” and that “I” is knowable and the desire to know it. Now the Reality of Being exists, however regardless of what name you add to it, it can never speak to it, even through the announcement of “I am”. At the point when the announcement is absent, I still can experience the way that I exist. I don’t have to verify the way that I exist, it is a reality, clear, undeniable. I should exist even so as to make the inquiry of “Who am I”. So seeing that I exist appears insufficient, I need to know who I am.

So how is that to occur? Here is the place the mortal blunder comes into it. To know is to quantify, isn’t it? If I need to know how much the body weighs, got o a scale and the measure is there. If I need to know how tall the body is, I bring out the measuring tape. TO KNOW IS TO MEASURE. Yet, more insane is to Compare the estimation against an

other estimation, in light of the fact that the demonstration of comparison wrecks our actual nature. If I think about the weight of my body against another person, it implies I could be skinny subsequently or fat. Therefore. Not originally. What is beautiful, because of comparison? Isn’t it derived from measuring against terrible? Any type of estimation that is contrasted with another estimation brings dissatisfaction or connection. I get appended to what is desirable and attempt and avoid the undesirable. However, without comparing, what is desirable and undesirable? Any type of comparison is a distortion of Reality! It is lost Uniqueness and of one’s actual nature, that one that exists before measuring and comparison! Any type of comparison is seeing one’s self considerably, because of comparison! Might you want to live your life as a half life as it were?

Be serious for once, be straightforward and confront it! If your identity is derived from comparing yourself with the Jones’es you will be perpetually caught in the demonstration of comparing since this is the main way you know to find out who you are. Furthermore, would you say you are that? Any type of comparison is relative to the question of comparison and limited at the same time by the protest of comparison. I feel a profound feeling of pity seeing youngsters idolizing stars: they need to be like their idols. Indeed, that is an impossible proposition! Nobody can be remotely near being another person!

They must be their Unique experience, past any type of estimation against a certain something or another, be it directly or against past memories! Furthermore, the frenzy continues. Now that I believe that there is a quantifiable “I”, and take it for being genuine, as genuine as the thirst, and we ask each other “How are you? What’s more, you answer: “I am… “whatever rings a bell. What you don’t realize is that YOU have quite recently permitted one of the best crimes in this Universe to be committed. How so? By assuming that there is an “I” and that it exists and it is genuine and the Mind claims it, it identifies with it. In any case this “I” can never exists independent from anyone else: it generally “appears” through the word AM. Investigate the falsity of the tumble from Being into Becoming!

In this way, we should investigate the verb (sic) To Be, in spite of the fact that it is not a verb by any means, it is a deception.

The Forms of To Be

The Greek ocean god, Proteus, was (like the ocean) equipped for changing structure in an instant. To get any better than average information out of him, you needed to snatch him and hang on tight while he experienced his various structures – lion, wild pig, wind, tree, running stream – it wasn’t simple. The verb “To be” is said to be the most changeable of the English dialect, continually changing structure, sometimes without a lot of a discernible example. Considering that we utilize it so regularly, it is truly too terrible that the verb “To be” must be the most irregular, slippery verb in the dialect.

Isn’t that reality? Why? Since TO BE intends TO EXIST!. Do this exercise for the contention: instead of I am stupid, say I exist stupid. Does it bode well? Obviously not, Existence as I AM can’t move toward becoming anything, existence is Perception itself, within which experiences occur! Perception is a field within which conditions of consciousness exist, in the type of experiences. Nothing else!

It alludes to, points in direction of, the Existential Realm, the Real of Being, instead of the Experiential Realm, the Realm of the five detects which are to see, to feel (touch), to hear, to taste and to smell. There is another sense derived from the verb “to feel” that alludes to the emotional reaction, which is nothing more than a demonstration of comparison of past-display experience and a demonstration of identity from which we respond i.e. I feel dismal, or much more heinous, I AM SAD. Once the Identity is shaped, we are caught in it!. Also, we endure the results thereof. Simple, yet diabolical. Also, here is the reason this happened.

During the Human Evolution, we started to create consciousness, like animals, yet we lived in gatherings and the totality of the gathering ruled. We lived together and had no notion of separateness, as the Individual was the Group, much like some Islander residents live today. Some place along the Evolution, we have created Self Consciousness, the notion of separateness, and the Bible, alludes to it metaphorically as “The Fall”, referring to the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Take after the Biblical verses: “And the LORD God charged the man, saying, Of each tree of the garden thou mayest unreservedly eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt definitely die.” Meaning, from all the five detects you will taste-experience, yet from Knowledge-Comparison, which is Duality and Prejudice, you should not, else One-ness will perish and you with it.

And the sky is the limit from there: “Now the serpent was more unpretentious than any monster of the field which the LORD God had made. What’s more, he said unto the lady, Yea, hath God said, Ye should not eat of each tree of the garden? What’s more, the lady said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye might not eat of it, neither should ye touch it, keeping in mind that ye die. What’s more, the serpent said unto the lady, Ye should not unquestionably die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, at that point your eyes might be opened, and ye should be as divine beings, knowing great and evil.”

Meaning, the Conscious Mind looked for an identity and in the Existential Realm, the main identity was I AM. In any case, the Serpent, illustration for the Dual Nature, which knows just by comparison and not by direct perception, “temped” the Psyche to “eat” or share of the Experiential Realm, yet the Realm of Dual Knowledge which is inferior to direct perception, since Duality is bound to the past as memory where imagination is free and unbound, being of the Subconscious.

Direct perception manages Uniqueness, the it-in-itself, or the IS-ness; Comparison sees things significantly, referring to something instead of something else, not to it-in-itself.Words a dialect is intended to distinguish yet not discrete! Dialect and knowledge is ONE SOURCE yet it divides, You and Me, we have all the earmarks of being independent, yet just in dialect. Physically we have different bodies, however every physical body is made of precisely the same, electrons, sustenance, water, bones, and so on. Appearance is different, otherwise we would all be clones and wind up being Narcissists! You and I are a piece of the same one perception, if not, assume we were to live in different fields of perception, we couldn’t perceive each other! Could it be any more obvious? I AM does not have a place with time. There is no time when I AM is absent, when Perception is not available, on the grounds that I AM is past time, time is a build of the way toward Becoming. I am this, however am not content with it, or exhausted, and I need to end up plainly that, or something else. At that point the thirst for becoming begins, desire, since what you will progress toward becoming is dependably later on. In the present you must BE. Furthermore, you must BE in the Present. Becoming is the thing that Spirituality names as Maya, or hiding the genuine Being, the I AM, currently Becoming, time and division and desire, on the grounds that becoming can just exist in relationship. So as to wind up something, one must be something else in any case. Also, the more comes into it, I need a greater amount of this and less of that. In rest, during waking hours, Perception exists, even in profound rest, however there is nothing to perceive, in light of the fact that the experiences stop to exist!

This opposition made a gorge within the Psyche, which is the Primal Wound, the Prejudice or Sin in the Mind. The Mind was in the beginning living simply like a child, in innocence and imagination, and imagination was producing holistic experiences, devoid of prejudice, on the grounds that there was no “self” aside from the experience, no resistance, no suffering, psychologically. Have you at any point seen two bovines arguing about who is more astute or who is more youthful or more established, or more beautiful, or fat and terrible?.

In any case, the conscious min, that used to be tied down to the Subconscious via Imagination, not it is moored via Memory and once in a while do we get the opportunity to get the opportunity to utilize our imagination “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be changed over, and progressed toward becoming as meager children, ye should not go into the kingdom of paradise” hinting at precisely what I have said, we should not live “starting from the earliest stage” the Past/Memory in light of the fact that the figure will be Sameness which is Death, yet “starting from the earliest stage” Imagination/Potentiality, since this is the figure from where Change or Freedom from Sameness/Death is (this is for the Gestalt fellows).

The Great Existential Anxiety emerged and it is with us today; since seeing things significantly, we generally feel dissatisfied, unfit to experience Wholeness, being insecure and uncertain and that’s just the beginning, looking for something to clutch, which in the Experiential Realm is impossible to. Why? Since the Experiential Realm is liable to Eternal Change. It is passing, precarious, time bound and blunder inclined to perception unless perception is Whole. Being isolated from the Existential Realm and bound to the Experiential Realm, the “shadow of death” as this expression says it all: “Yea, however I stroll through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou craftsmanship with me; ” meaning despite the fact that I experience the Experiential Realm, I am established/tied down in the Existential Realm of I AM without any identity.

Look further: “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” when God charged Moses to free his kin. Notice I AM goes before the Experiential “THAT” and I AM succeeds the Experiential, meaning the Existential I AM Precedes, Proceeds and Succeeds the Experiential, as we see: “And he said unto me, It is finished. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life openly.” meaning the Existential if free of the Experiential on the grounds that it goes before and succeeds the Experiential, hinting at Eternity, Timelessness and Immortality, and the individuals who shed their Identity or Self Consciousness will taste “of the of the water of life” which is likewise the Tree of Life as an illustration. Be that as it may, the Experiential moves into the Existential via the word AM in addition to something! I am not the experience, I just AM the witness to it, or more real, the experience exists within my perception, there is no separation in perception between the experience and me! Experience changes however I remain a witness to change. I am the perceiving Act of that which is perceived and there is no separation amongst me and that implies I am.

So back to “How are you?”. Who is this “You?”. If “I” take a gander at my international ID, “you” doesn’t exist there. Yet, interesting, hello, that everybody calls “me” – “you”. See why the Identity is slippery – I, You, Me, Myself, and so forth. Nowhere is the name on the Passport?! So subjectively (whatever that implies since all experience is objective to mindfulness, however in a subject-question sort, meaning the substance of mindfulness) there is an I, a me and a myself, yet this things reply to the name “You” in this manner, logically, I am likewise You since I react to that name, isn’t it? Now, I address the other individual as “You” and they additionally have the “I”, the “Me” and the “Myself” in their little rucksack. Which implies that name wise, aside from the times we are called by the Passport names, we are all the same.

What’s more, the Subconscious knows precisely that – inwardly and ostensibly we are one. Furthermore, a wish inwardly is a wish ostensibly. Be cautious what you wish for and who you wish it to on the grounds that the subconscious is unprejudiced. In any case, the names, live in memory, which is the Past, and there is a timeline of memories, like a movie reel, of occasions, that are connected to this “I, You, Me and Myself” fellowship, and the story continues onward, grounded in itself seeking to rehash itself.

However, this story is insidious to the point, that it tricks the Subconscious to send its armed force to protect it if it ever moves toward becoming assaulted or feels undermined; that is the ANS or the Autonomous Nervous System. It resides in the Subconscious, and you see now how the Conscious “Self” Identity, made of words, when feeling “undermined”, the body tenses too, or gets ready for the “fight-flight” occasion. When someone says “You are stupid” there is a reaction and the reaction originates from Memory, in light of the fact that there is the place the word and its meaning resides. However, what is “Stupid?”. If to be is to exist, say “I exist stupid” instead of “I am stupid”. It doesn’t bode well, isn’t that right? Stupidity possibly a misinformed demonstration however never the being, since the demonstration is executed by knowledge and not the Being.

Back to “How are you”. If “I Am” is not trailed by anything, as a description of sorts, it is Being (see Nisargadata Maharaj) free of any identity, therefor of any psychological danger. It is an expression of the Infinite being that says “I AM” and nothing more, and being THAT, which is nothing in particular, it can progress toward becoming anything, it can experience anything, it can wonder about anything, without dread and avoidance (aside from the physical-preservation instinct, inbuilt in the ANS”. That is the reason, children, being secured in the Subconscious, can play “kings, rulers, heavenly attendants” for a period and after that arrival to potentiality, prepared to assume some other part.

In any case, grown-ups have a fixed identity and are so joined to it, they add titles to it, cash, fame, and so on and at the same time being afraid to lose it.

What is all that really matters? To Be is to Exist. I AM. Immeasurable, in light of the fact that I AM is not a thing. To end up something, the becoming needs to exist in a relationship; just in a relationship can becoming happen, in division, common exclusion. I turn into this since I would prefer not to wind up noticeably that. I am this since I am not that. Yet, that is distortion of the Truth, since I AM can’t move toward becoming, can’t be changed into anything and it remains I AM forever. When you say I AM something, you are saying there is a mental build/idea with which I AM identifies.

To see, feel, hear, notice, taste, is to Experience the Manifested Realm. Be that as it may, don’t confound the two slightest you should perish, caught, seemingly in the Experiential (which is a Lie of Universal proportions). That is the reason our wisdom says “Find the Truth and the Truth should set you free”. You are not subject to experience and you are never the experience, as the experience is time, you are a timeless witness of it.

There is the Sensorial Response (including Imagination) and the Identity Response (which is Memory seeking to rehash itself): don’t get caught into the Identity Response!

Wo am I?

All things considered, here we go investigating a standout amongst the most heinous crimes propagated against our extremely Being. It begins with an extremely innocent question: “Who am I?” Now if we precisely unload this question, we may watch an assumption that seems invisible: the announcement that there is an “I” and that “I” is knowable and the desire to know it. Now the Reality of Being exists, however regardless of what name you add to it, it can never speak to it, even through the announcement of “I am”. At the point when the announcement is absent, I still can experience the way that I exist. I don’t have to verify the way that I exist, it is a reality, clear, undeniable. I should exist even with a specific end goal to make the inquiry of “Who am I”. So seeing that I exist appears insufficient, I need to know who I am.