White Tiger Safari, Rewa

Intense thunder of white tigers will be resonate in Madhya Pradesh’s Vindhya area as the world’s initially White Tiger Safari start in Rewa, which was once home to this uncommon type of the huge felines. The world’s initially White Tiger Safari and Zoo will start at Mukundpur close Rewa where the main white tiger was spotted by recent ruler Maharaja Martand Singh in 1951 from Sidhi backwoods territory (it was named as Mohan).

tenth November 2015 came as one of the brilliant day for the rewa, when rewa got his white tigress “Princess Vindhya” early name “Patto”. Princess vindhya put her initial phase in safari in the twelve and was kept in night house. their is 500m support zone where she can move . A solid fake lake was made in safari where water will stream frame one end to other and which will be changed each week.

Alongside white tigress Vindya two Black bear named Jaamvant (male ) and Denva (female) likewise bring from bhopal vihar.

Distance from Major urban communities (km) :

  1. Jabalpur 200*
  2. Satna 50*
  3. Allahabad 130*
  4. Delhi 824*