Where to travel in Thailand

You can never truly come up short on spots and attractions to find in Thailand. With fabulous shorelines, perfect climate, moderate costs, and a fascinating and very much characterized culture, there are excessively numerous goal choices to list. Despite where you go in Thailand you can most likely discover something pleasant to do and you’ll generally locate a decent incentive on housing and exercises. In any case, there are spots that you simply need to have on your container rundown and I’ll separate them all beneath.


Bangkok is uproarious, unpalatable, and dirtied. It has excessively numerous individuals and the movement is difficult to manage. Furthermore, notwithstanding the greater part of that, it’s as yet an astonishing city to visit. The shopping and the nourishment in Bangkok equals wherever on the planet. Bangkok won’t not be the least expensive place to go to in Thailand, yet for as extensive of a city as it seems to be, the deal seeker costs for nourishment and facilities are about as shabby as it will get. The nightlife is extraordinary, particularly for single outside men. Bangkok is a place where you can have the most out of control few days of your existence without breaking your ledger.


Pattaya is just around a hour and a half ride from Bangkok and the transport ride will just cost you 120 baht or around 4 USD. In the event that you took the greater part of the Gogos, bars, eateries, and night clubs from all of Bangkok and transplanted them onto two long roads opposite a shoreline, you’d fundamentally have Pattaya (in spite of the fact that you’d need to include more GoGos). The shoreline in Pattaya may not be postcard commendable, but rather it’s extremely close to two decent islands, Ko Lahn and Ko Si Chang. You can have as wild or significantly more wild a period in Pattaya than in Bangkok, yet in the meantime it’s a great deal more unwinds without the greater part of the madness of the real city. Costs on everything are exceptionally moderate in Pattaya, notwithstanding for a vacationer. It’s clearly not a place for couples however, where I think a couple would appreciate an end of the week together in Bangkok. Pattaya is and will dependably be Disney Land for horny men and it’s as straightforward as that.

Chiang Mai

In Northern Thailand you can’t miss Chiang Mai. Here you can truly get a genuine taste of Thailand, and a significantly milder atmosphere than anywhere in Central or Southern Thailand. You won’t discover shorelines, yet the landscape can be amazing on occasion with an incredible assortment of mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. Chiang Mai is most likely the least expensive visitor goal in Thailand and it is hard to truly blow cash there. You’ll discover awesome nourishment and social symbols all through Chiang Mai, and the nightlife is adequate, absolutely superior to you’d discover on some remote islands. Brave sorts will discover incredible spots to climb, shake climb and mountain bicycle. Chiang Mai is a noteworthy city so you can discover pretty much anything you’re searching for, yet the air quality and the pace of things are the inverse of Bangkok, which makes it an extraordinary place.

Ko Chang/Ko Koot

Ko Chang and Ko Koot are islands off the shore of Trat, an area found a couple of hours east of Pattaya on the bay of Thailand. You can take a watercraft from Trat to Ko Chang which is truly close by or you can go facilitate in a similar bearing to get to Ko Koot. You’ll need to look at every island on the off chance that you ever get the open door. Ko Chang is substantially more created and there are really different areas of along the shoreline of Ko Chang that have a spread of lodgings, eateries, and bars. The most well known of which is White Sand Beach. White Sand shoreline is a sufficiently fast ride from the dock and it has the most inns, bars, and eateries of anywhere on Ko Chang. There’s really an area of bars with bar young ladies in White Sand Beach; I would figure there’s around 10 bars in this segment with around 50 young ladies working every night. In the event that you head down the drift from White Sand Beach advance far from the wharf you can locate some astounding shorelines with not very many individuals on the shoreline. I really go as far down as conceivable to guarantee that I’ll have the shoreline all to myself. In any case, there’s a lot of stuff to do on Ko Chang notwithstanding the shorelines. I went on a 6 hour climb here and there the most astounding point on the island and it was one of the best encounters I’ve had in the greater part of my time in Thailand. Ko Chang additionally has waterfalls, elephant treks, and numerous island visits begin there in the morning. The shorelines are incredible, yet they’re not world class either. Be that as it may, you get a decent blend of everything in Ko Chang, it’s been produced enough to have alternatives, yet not all that much so where you can’t unwind. Ko Koot is substantially less grown yet has flawless and lovely shorelines. The lodging can be costly on this island and there isn’t as much to do, yet in the event that you’re hoping to get to a wonderful shoreline without flying and with not very many individuals, Ko Koot is the one.

Ko Tao

Ko Tao is around 90 minutes ship ride from Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for two things: a wonderful shoreline and awesome plunging/snorkeling. I believe it’s a perfect place on the off chance that you need to simply unwind and go jumping for a couple days. It’s an explorer shelter on account of a variety of modest, all be it non-extravagant cottages. They have a couple of more pleasant spots to stay if that is what you’re searching for, yet that is not by any stretch of the imagination what truly matters to Ko Tao. There are eateries and bars along Sairee shoreline, yet it’s absolutely not party focal. The jumping is incredible in Ko Tao and it appears like a great many people who go there do as such for the plunging. A portion of the jumping shops really give you free hotel on the off chance that you plunge with them. The shorelines are postcard commendable; yet Ko Tao is the place for you in the event that you plunge or need to learn.


Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and it’s the distance toward the south of the nation. It’s a bounce off indicate some unfathomable islands in the event that you take a ship south, however Phuket is an expert itself with regards to shorelines. Phuket is spread out and it essentially has all that you would ever need to do as far as exercises, shorelines, visits, climbing, and so on. It’s a totally created island, so there are shopping centers, film theaters, and numerous incredible eateries. Phuket won’t not be the least expensive place to live, but rather to everything it has going for itself regarding a get-away, it’s nowhere close as costly the same number of other shoreline urban communities in different nations. There are extremely costly 5 star resorts, however deal seekers can without much of a stretch discover great arrangements on 3 star inns, since there are so huge numbers of them. Phuket is enormous and spread out, so there are a variety of goals that may speak to you contingent upon what you’re searching for. In case you’re searching for a wild time, make a beeline for Patong. Patong is a problem area for anybody searching for an insane time on and close to a pleasant shoreline, providing food obviously to outside men. It’s more costly than Pattaya in pretty much every classification and you don’t get a similar measure of alternatives, yet it’s recently so significantly more pleasant!

Phi Phi

Phi Phi is an arrangement of islands south of Phuket. The watercraft ride from Phuket isn’t too terrible, perhaps 90 minutes or two hours. Phi Phi town is exceptionally mainstream with youthful European travelers. There are many bars and sufficiently shabby visitor houses in the region close to the dock. It’s a fun and intriguing little town with a lot of bars, eateries, sustenance slows down, web shops, jump shops, and retail sellers. The shorelines on the fundamental island, Phi Phi Don, are decent, however you don’t go the distance down there for only for those shorelines. You go to see a portion of the most delightful shorelines you’ll ever observe by taking a long tail pontoon (visit or private) to look at Maya Bay and Bamboo island with two or three different spots to see. The whole range has mind boggling rock arrangements that you simply don’t see in many places on the planet. Maya shoreline draws in an excessive number of vacationers, however in the event that you arrive at a young hour in the morning before every other person its heaven. Insufficient individuals go to Bamboo Island; the shade of the water there is difficult to accept!

Ko Pha Ngan

A fast watercraft ride far from Ko Samui or from Ko Tao, there isn’t much you need to think about Ko Pha Ngan. It holds the Full Moon party once every month where crowds of youthful European travelers get squandered and move at clubs on the shoreline. IT’s a wild time, and once you awaken the following day you’re prepared to return to wherever it was you were going.

Ko Samui

Ko Saumi has shocking shorelines and it’s a prized wedding trip goal along these lines. It’s additionally one of if not the most costly goal in Thailand, but rather it’s the perfect place for a sentimental getaway on the off chance that you need to binge spend. Ko Samui has a tiny bit of a nightlife going for itself, with some brew bars and even some clubs. In any case, you wouldn’t go to Samui only for the young ladies as there are vastly improved spots for that. You go to Samui for the unimaginable landscape and the lovely shorelines, more than likely with an exceptional somebody.