What is the Meaning of Life

Indeed, fortunately in the wake of perusing this post, you’ll never need to peruse any self improvement writing until kingdom come; you’ll know everything.

That is gotta be consoling and somewhat soothing.

Think about all the time you’ll spare from here on.

Express gratitude toward me later.

Indeed, I’m being playful and senseless.

Thus, as of late one of my companions tested me to compose a post on the ‘Meaning of Life’.

Not being especially brilliant or one to avoid a test, I thought I’d give it a break (Aussie for ‘attempt’), in spite of the fact that it’s taken me a while to get to this point.

He attested that I had been “skimming the surface with all that other shallow topic and that maybe I should make a plunge the profound end with something huge”.

Well here I am, going to get all wet; no flippers, no cover and no plunging knowledge.

Also, plunge I will.

Most likely I’m the characteristic decision to investigate a subject, for example, this.

Approve, you’re correct… there are likely a lot of individuals better qualified (or are there?) however I’m going to do it at any rate.

So during a time when space travel is conceivable, telephones are currently portable PCs and Michael Jackson can transform himself into some peculiar ass form of Elizabeth Taylor, doubtlessly I can make sense of the meaning of life.

Or then again not.

In this way, here’s my first huge inquiry:

Who is most ‘qualified’ to answer the subject of the ages… “What is the meaning of life?”

That is, if there would one say one is individual or ‘sort’ of individual who us negligible mortals may expect would have the most knowledge into, or comprehension of, this issue, who might it be?

I gathered information (as I do) and the appropriate responses I got were:

* Theologians

* Spiritual pioneers

* Scientists (astounded me)

* Philosophers

* Old individuals

* Dying individuals (fascinating)

I got a couple of keen ass answers moreover.

Luckily for you, I’ve kept them off the rundown.

So for over a month I’ve been contemplating composing on this theme however in the meantime, feeling distinctly ‘unfit’ to talk about it, despite the fact that I knew it would make a captivating investigation.

Strikingly, even with all I’ve learned, regardless I figured out how to reveal to myself that my contemplations on this issue likely did not merit hearing (perusing).

Interesting how we (I) do that, would it say it isn’t?

And afterward I addressed my own inquiry…

I don’t have to answer the central issue, I simply need to investigate and talk about it.

With the goal that’s what I’m going to do.

We know a couple of things:

1) The ‘meaning of life’ question is likely the best theological and philosophical inquiry ever; the most investigated and examined in any case.

2) There is no complete (generally settled upon) reply.

3) Is has been the subject of much verbal confrontation between gatherings of individuals (scholastics, theologians, savants) since the beginning of time and most likely dependably will be.

Hello, there’s another intriguing inquiry (and wellspring of much open deliberation), “when was the beginning of time?”

Six thousand years (Creation) or Sixty million (Evolution)?

What’s more, another, “what is time”?

You best take a seat.

Lie maybe.

Get yerself an espresso, this could take a while.

Gracious okay, we’ll handle those issues another day.

Gathering Poopers.

Not at all like me to deviate.

Who’da thud?

Alright, back to that little talk about the meaning of life.

So what else do we know?

All things considered, we realize that most by far of us ‘look for meaning’ at some stage, if not, continually.

Maybe not the meaning of life (entirely), but rather meaning in our work, in our connections, our music, our innovativeness, our confidence, our convictions, our accomplishments, our ’causes’ and our scholarly or ‘got the hang of’ comprehension of ‘stuff’.

What’s more, what a considerable measure of stuff there is to investigate.

So I’m going to toss my first Harpothesis (genuinely crackin’ myself up today) in with the general mish-mash for you to bite on.

Harpothesis 1.

There is no (single) response to the ‘meaning of life’ question since it’s meaning will fluctuate from individual to individual; it’s diverse for various individuals.

I would figure that the meaning of life for a starving individual living in neediness may be totally unique to that of a well off, moderately aged businessman living in corporate wherever, who’s greatest difficulty today is whether to purchase the new Merc or the Beemer and whether or not they can get it in the firearm metal dim with the sun rooftop.

Maybe it’s unmindful or gullible to recommend that there could exist a solitary all around worthy, all around meaningful and all around pertinent response to this one inquiry.

Maybe not.

Harpothesis 2.

The inquiry we ought to ask isn’t the unanswerable “what is the meaning of life?” … but instead the extremely responsible, “what is the meaning of MY life?”.

Well, is that the start of illumination I can hear Grasshoppers?

A little beam of light puncturing the cerebral haze maybe?

Or on the other hand maybe some elective form of you being awoken from profound inside your intuitive.

There’s a fascinating idea.

Most likely the one thing we can decide is what our (singular) life will mean.

All things considered, we get the opportunity to pick what we do with, and in, that life isn’t that right?

We get the chance to decide our life reason; what we will do, be and abandon.

Beyond any doubt there’s stuff we can’t control however regardless of the circumstance, situation or condition we wind up in, our life-reality (meaning maybe) will even now to a great extent be about the decisions we make and the things we do.

Is it not an absurd thought that another person (an individual or association) should reveal to you what the meaning of life is (for you)?

How might they know?

I mean (are you focusing), how would they truly… know?

They don’t.

Toss this inquiry around (particularly in a few circles) and you will without a doubt experience a level of presumption and predominance from a few (people and gatherings) who professedly comprehend what you and I don’t.

Individuals who feel that they have the response to the unavoidable issue and that it is their moral obligation to edify those of us who are, as indicated by them, living in obliviousness.

Just for our advantage obviously.

That is correct, they think, they figure, they propose, they hypothesize, they utilize favor schmancy talk and sporadically they bewilder us with horse crap… be that as it may, do they truly know?

Most likely not.

Since the meaning of life for them, ain’t really the meaning of life for me.

Or then again you.

Furthermore, in case you’re sufficiently senseless to differ with, or maybe question them, then there’s a reasonable shot that you’ll be forced to bear some anger and a little grandiosity.

Appreciate that.

Terrible, yucky individuals.

Yeh, too bad to think for myself.

How might I venture to have my own particular musings.

How might I venture to not adjust.

Obviously, I’m an inconvenience creator.

To be stayed away from.

Note to the self-designated enlighteners (a word) of the majority:

By all methods have your own particular convictions, thoughts and rationality yet kindly don’t attempt and slam them down my throat.

I’m upbeat to talk about anything with anybody however I’m not up for having somebody’s musings (convictions, values, standards, methods of insight) forced on me just in light of the fact that you believe you’re correct.

In the event that I need to be illuminated by you, I’ll send you a notice.

Correspondence tip: disclosing to me I’m insensible ain’t an incredible method to associate with me… or on the other hand anybody.

Idiotically, I’ll likely investigate the meaning of life for myself.

Truly I’ll tune in, yes I’ll read and yes I’ll make a few inquiries, in any case I’ll choose what my convictions are rather than grasp yours.

Much appreciated in any case.

Perhaps they’ll be the same.

Perhaps not.

Notwithstanding with regards to religion (risky ground Craig, be cautious… I can hear the noses leaving joint as of now) we don’t generally know, we just comprehend what we trust we know (with me?). We reveal to ourselves we know yet in the event that we truly knew (as in we could actually and for all intents and purposes demonstrate something) then we wouldn’t require confidence… correct?

When we can demonstrate something (obviously), then there’s no requirement for confidence, since we have information.

I am not attempting to be ill bred to anybody (I have confidence in things I can’t demonstrate) however I think it is essential that we don’t just falter through life accepting what we’re told without genuinely considering, assessing and mulling over things for ourselves.

We have to do our own adapting however with the goal for that to happen, we have to get ourselves in that learning space.

On the off chance that we were all totally fair (about what we know and don’t have a clue), we would recognize that frequently we’re basically making educated (or not well educated) surmises.

I’m intended to be a ‘specialist’ with numerous times of involvement however notwithstanding when

I’m recommending exercise for individuals, regardless i’m making an informed figure; I don’t know precisely what the result will be.

I have a really smart thought, yet I don’t really (with assurance) know precisely what will unfold.

I believe it’s dismal that individuals receive ‘other individuals’ reality’ since they can’t be bothered to think or investigate for themselves.

It’s one thing to regard the conclusion of others (guardians, profound pioneers, managers), it’s another to be an automaton or a pathetic reproduction of another person.

It is essential that we take in our own fact.

Tune in to and regard others yet don’t be them.

Have an independent perspective.

Harpothesis 3.

The meaning of life shouldn’t be about the gathering of stuff, yet for some

individuals, it is by all accounts.

We talk the discussion however usually, we don’t walk it.

Indeed (a few) individuals who get a kick out of the chance to speak to themselves as ‘searchers of the reality of the situation’ are loaded with poo when you become more acquainted with them past the general population show.

The genuine them.

Of course, we sound all profound, philosophical and profound yet under that thin facade despite everything we fixate on what we have, what we look like and what individuals consider us.


What’s more, eventually an un-winnable fight.

In the event that I stressed over what individuals thought of me, I wouldn’t compose anything.

I totally realize that a level of individuals won’t care for what I compose or like me.

I get scrutinized each day.

That is alright, it’s called life.

I’ll adapt.

I don’t need individuals to ‘concur’ with me, I need them to consider what I’ve composed, to measure it up… also, eventually, locate their own fact.

Their meaning.

Not mine.

To be tested, stood up to.

Awkward even.

To develop.

We needn’t bother with Craig Harper clones… a few people would contend that one is over the top.

I realize that I’m wrong all the time.

Be that as it may, in case I’m not committing errors, I’m dead.

So I need to continue making them.

One thing I do know is… of everything to know, I know essentially none of it, so why should I be presumptuous?

Huge Winnie (Sir Winston Churchill) attested that “we bring home the bacon by what we get and a life by what we give.”

So perhaps the meaning of life is to give.

What’s more, by giving, we get the most.

Or on the other hand possibly not.

Possibly it’s tied in with understanding that littler ass and six-pack.

Er… presumably not.

Possibly it’s distinctive for every one of us.

Perhaps we have to locate the meaning of life for ourselves.

Yeh, most likely.

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