What is Tantra Anyway?

At the point when earnest searchers ask “What is Tantra?” we may reply “like Zen, the Tao and Buddhism, Tantra is a way to edification”. In any case, numerous advanced understudies are persistent and demand a mental answer, regardless of the possibility that it is a halfway answer, which prompts the regular supposition that Tantra is some sort of sexual yoga. (Is it accurate to say that it isn’t?)

Our most loved course reading meaning of Tantra focuses to its Sanskrit roots. The prefix “tan” infers extension and “tra” implies freedom. Along these lines, Tantra can be translated to mean freedom through development. Without a doubt, it is graceful, however it is through and through excessively savvy. Tantra does not happen between the ears. Nor does it happen between the legs.

Types of Tantra

Tantra resembles an astute old tree with a huge and profound root framework. Some of its more created branches incorporate Tibetan, Hindu, Kashmiri, Shiviasm, Taoist, Kundalini, Left-Handed, Ipsalu, Quodoshka, Shamanic, Sex Magic and the sky is the limit from there. Tantra, similar to yoga, isn’t a religion. It doesn’t bar any part of the human experience – it incorporates the full range of mankind. Tantra meets individuals wherever they are and offers instruments for them to extend. The diverse types of Tantra claim to various types of individuals who have distinctive necessities.

Shades of Tantra

Tantra is additionally subdivided as far as shading: White, Pink and Red.

White Tantra arranges around unobtrusive practices and methods of insight instead of physical touch and sexual practices. They might be reflections, perceptions, higher chakra fixations, eye staring, breath and sound work to assemble sexy vitality without sexual contact.

Pink Tantra (or sometimes, Violet) grasps both the profound and sexual parts of training. This is where the heart is open and lovemaking is honed with respect and worship and recuperating.

Red Tantra comprises of numerous energetic sexual practices. Generally the shading red means womanliness, power, enthusiasm and sex. This way can free for the sexually quelled and may hold enthusiasm for the sexually fixated.

Sex Magic

Sexual vitality is to be saved for otherworldly progression not material pick up. In the framework ‘Shamanic Method of Sex Magic’* the practices develop sexual life constrain for recuperating, joy and God acknowledgment. This approach is non-dualistic, discharging judgment of both material and sexy delights, yet is protected and heart-focused.


Tantra may have profound roots in India and Tibet however new seeds have been planted in the West amid the sexual insurgency in the 1960’s and 70’s. The message that sexual freedom can prompt profound freedom is regularly alluded to as Neo-Tantra. The most well-known practices of Western Tantra incorporate adjusting chakras, raising Kundalini, Goddess venerate and extended orgasmic vitality.

What is Shamanism?

The word Shaman signifies ‘to know’ and is the soonest known most profound sense of being sourcing back 40,000 years prior. Shamanic hones have existed in each culture ever. Shamans have been known to:

mend human enduring

decipher dreams

turn around infection

exorcize spirits from different bodies

channel creature aides and otherworldly elements

A portion of the fundamental devices in Tantra and Shamanism incorporate breath, sound, development, petition, droning, lovemaking and custom. The connection amongst’s Tantra and Shamanism is the utilization of happy methods to mull over wholeness autonomous of religious logic.

Non-Duality in a Nutshell

Have you at any point had the enchanted sense that we are each of the one? Do you recollect the last time you felt completely associated? That is the pith of Advaita, or non-double Tantric reasoning. Advaita is a Sanskrit word signifying “not two.” It keeps up that all issue, paying little heed to its unmistakably unique properties, may seem, by all accounts, to be isolated however is as yet associated with the entire of presence.

In Tantra we investigate polarities of male/female, giving/getting, dynamic/detached, self/other, personality/body, insidious/decent, duality/non-duality to lead us to more prominent levels of truth. In Tantra, rather than seeing the body as inverse of soul, the body is acknowledged as an otherworldly vessel. Sexual energy conveys with it the awesome drive for two to wind up plainly one.


Focusing on each nuance of each minute is care. Tantra is experiential so ask yourself, what are you supposing at this moment? What part of your body would you say you are mindful of right at this point? What is transpiring right at this point? … and how about at this point? Each of these different mindfulness’ convey more noteworthy association with wealth of imagination and love.


If you somehow happened to ask Babaa Dezz what Tantra is, he may outstretch his arms as though he was putting forth a major grasp and answer, “Tantra includes each part of living. Tantra is about how we live, how we inhale, eat, rest, work, play and love. It is tied in with everything. Furthermore, the act of Tantra is a routine with regards to living in a way that makes power and enchantment and god likeness. It is any training that backings us in our heavenly nature.”