What Is a Wedding Reception? The History and Origins

Get some answers concerning wedding reception origins and the present patterns

A reception is a festival that takes after the wedding service. Receptions incorporate numerous ceremonies and customs, however they regularly incorporate a dinner, music, and moving.

Be that as it may, have you at any point asked why the gathering after a wedding is known as a “reception?” The word reception actually implies the activity or procedure of accepting something, yet what on Earth does that need to do with getting hitched?

A reception is held as a kind of welcome for the individuals who went to the wedding.

The couple gets their group, i.e. loved ones, out of the blue as a recently wedded couple. Moreover their loved ones get the love birds as a wedded couple.

Reception Origins

Weddings were not so excessive a century back. In Western culture, up until World War II, wedding festivities were ordinarily held in the lady of the hour’s home and the family’s monetary standing directed the style of the reception. A wealthier family may have a favor ball, while a white collar class family may have an evening lunch meeting and tea.

When the new century rolled over move corridors turned out to be more prominent and the lists of attendees started to develop, as the lady and prep were never again restricted by the quantity of individuals their homes could hold.

Wherever the reception was held, visitors were welcomed with a getting line in which the lady of the hour and prep, has and guardians would welcome each and every visitor.

Weddings Today

Today wedding receptions normally happen in meal corridors, inn assembly halls, wedding scenes, and church and group lobbies.

Littler wedding receptions may happen at an eatery or in a terrace.

The getting line, which is very tedious, has since blurred in notoriety. Today wedding parties are presented with a terrific passageway displayed by the wedding band or DJ.


Wedding toasts are by and large made before supper is served.

Toasts frequently incorporate a welcome by the lady of the hour’s dad and addresses by the best man and house keeper of respect.

Moving and Entertainment

Inside the most recent century, conventional moves have tumbled to the wayside and moving has turned out to be all the more a free-for-all. Present day weddings incorporate the love birds’ first move as a wedded couple and parent moves. Arranged moves are likewise ending up more prominent.

Stimulation is given by a band or DJ. Some of the time fire craftsmen and proficient artists are enlisted to give extra diversion.


Culture assumes a key part in wedding sustenance. Regularly, a full supper is served that incorporates a plate of mixed greens, dish, and sweet. Smorgasbords are additionally regular alternatives. Everything truly relies upon the couples’ tastes.

Later on in the reception, the lady of the hour and prep will regularly ceremoniously cut the primary bit of cake and bolster a chomp to each other. Wedding cakes are generally detailed multi-layered cakes. Couples today regularly cut expenses by having an indulgent phony show cake and serving visitors a sheet cake.

The prepare’s cake, which began in the Southern United States, is turning into an inexorably well known pattern around the nation. Generally the perfect, white cake was considered too light for male tastes, so a moment cake, as a rule an alcohol drenched nutty cake, was offered as the prep’s cake.

Today prepare’s cakes are centerpieces that are designed according to his most loved game or pastime.


In 2014, the normal cost of a wedding, including the service and reception, was roughly $30,000. Topography assumes a huge part in costs. For instance, a wedding in Manhattan costs around $76,000, making it the most costly place to get hitched in the nation. Weddings in Arkansas and Utah, be that as it may, cost the slightest, with normal expenses of $18,000 and $15,000, individually.