What Does La Quinta Mean in Spanish?

La Quinta Inn air terminal areas are one of the best places to stay when you require a home base far from home that is helpful to both the downtown business region and the airplane terminal. By and by, I cherish the Pittsburgh Airport La Quinta Inn. Why? Since it’s the one close where I live! I adore dropping in for breakfast when my family and companions stay there when going to.

In any case, dependably they are asking, “What does La Quinta mean?” It beyond any doubt sounds Spanish, however my sister, who is a Spanish instructor, could just concoct the clarification that it signified “the fifth.” Huh? So is La Quinta Inn the fifth hotel? Most likely not.

I did some sleuthing. I looked into some different spots called La Quinta (not all that phenomenal, as you can envision) and found an old city called La Quinta. As indicated by their division of business, the word is bygone (i.e. not being used any longer. Like Netscape Navigator and Big Mouth Billy Basses). It implied a hacienda or rest stop en route amid a long trip. Each five days, voyagers would grab a seat at one of these “la quintas.” So, there you go – it’s the place you stay to energize on the fifth day of travel.

Presently, when you visit the La Quinta Inn at the air terminal, you clearly won’t go by horseback or foot. Yet, with all the touring and business managing and family going to, you can sort of envision what it must’ve felt like for those early voyagers to grab a seat following five days.