Triathlon Checklist

At the point when the race day is close, most members will be overpowered with energies about the race they will leave on. They will be panicky about what they have to pack. It would not be pleasant on the off chance that you are going oversea for the race.

Here is a check rundown that might be convenient for generally races. Utilize this rundown preceding leaving your home, hotel or your trip. This will beyond any doubt make you will feel more quiet knowing you have what you requirement for the race.

Triathlon Race Checklist

1. Swim suit or tri suit or tri shorts
2. Wetsuit (just in a few districts)
3. Goggles (best to bring additional)
4. Swim Cap (it will be given in most dashing pack)
5. Lubricant or against abrade (Body Glide)
6. Towel (discretionary)
7. Ear Plugs
8. Sun screen

1. Bike (Bike case in the event that you are going oversea for races)
2. Helmet (ensure it is lawful for the race)
3. Bike shorts or tri shorts (subject to what you need to ride in)
4. Bike Shoes (check states of spikes mount)
5. Sunglasses
6. Water jugs w/vitality substitution liquids (fill them before the begin)
7. Energy gel or snacks
8. Biking gloves
9. Spare Tube, CO2, Tire Levers
10. Tool Kit

1. Race shoes with brisk bands
2. Cap or Visor
3. Lubricant for feet
4. Race number on race belt
5. Energy gel or nibble
6. Sunscreen

1. Rain cover
2. Sunscreen
3. Bag (make sure to store in the suitable place)
4. Extra Energy gels, snacks and pre race drinks
5. Sandals for post race utilize
6. Change of garments for post race
7. Some extra money for crisis purposes