Top 3 Best Go Go Bars in Soi Cowboy

On the off chance that you’ve never been or havn’t been in a while then knowing which gogo bars to make a beeline for in Soi Cowboy can resemble attempting to figure somebody’s weight via telephone. Luckily this previous month I’ve been to the Soi many circumstances and know precisely where to go to. I would compose this article about Nana Plaza yet to be fiercely genuine, Nana Plaza is an entire jump, many bars are shut, and nobody needs to stroll around upstairs in view of the Ladyboy pervasion. In case you’re making a beeline for the Bangkok go-go scene these three Go bars you MUST see.

#1 Suzie Wong AGoGo

Evaluated number 1 on this rundown on the grounds that the low focus bar rimmed with seats full practically consistently this go-go bar has demonstrates that will make you dribble. The young ladies in this place? Meh, a couple cuties yet with a few mates nearby this is dependably an extraordinary first stop.

#2 Tilac Bar

This place has dependably been a most loved of mine, I know when i’m around the local area on the off chance that I go here, I KNOW i’ll discover a young lady. The bar has been around for quite a while and in truth a considerable measure of the young ladies from the go-go bars and brew bars in Chiang Mai have or still incidentally work here. Costs are sensible and the beverages are solid. Appraised my #1 bar to barfine a young lady. This bar has coyote young ladies which are so named, the vast majority of those young ladies work Friday and Saturdays which are days I don’t urge anybody to go to a go bar in any case.

#3 Crazy House

What 2am and the bars are altogether shut on Soi Cowboy? go down the finish of the soi make a privilege and there will be some nondiscreet shophouses turned go-go bars. One of these is Crazy House. At 2am pounded and you would prefer not to head home go to Crazy House for a Crazy Time. Enter and you’ll discover.