Top 10 Cities With The Best Pizza In The World

Edmonton, Canada

Recently gourmet and high quality pizzas have turned out to be exceptionally mainstream yet nothing beats the great ol’ pizzas. What’s more, Edmonton is one of the best places to appreciate such pizzas. Best places are Rose Bowl and Tony’s Pizza Palace.


Lorenzo and Sons and Santucci’s are a portion of the best places in the city.


Mercato Centrale and Yellow Bar as awesome spots to appreciate pizza in Florence.


Grigoris is an incredible place to attempt the city of sentiment’s pizzas!


Emma and Pizzarium are the best places to appreciate special pizzas in Rome.

New York City

The best places for genuine New York pizza are Roberta’s and Prince Street Pizza.


Chicago has astonishing pizzas. A portion of the best places are Spacca Napoli and Pizano’s.


Well known for the Neapolitan outside layer, Naples is the home of Pizza. 50 Kalo and Pizzaria la Noticia are astounding.

Orlando, Florida

The best places are Via Napoli and Prato.


As one would expect the most delightful pizzas on the planet can be found at where they started. Milan is a flawless city to appreciate pizza. Great spots are Dry and Solo Pizza.