The Real Cuba

Upon the entry in Cuba, outsiders typically get in the resort zone, where Cuban financial inconveniences won’t influence them without a doubt, on the double. They have “buffets” in 5-star hotels, jumping, ocean trips on yachts to coral reefs and lobster lunch here. The administration is incredible, the staff is smiley, the region is encased, and local individuals are not permitted even to bathe in the neighborhood ocean. However couple of nonnatives can brag of having seen real Cuba: the vacationer zones are the states inside the states that have little to do with the Island of Freedom…

The greater part of visitors purchase visits to Varadero, a Cuban resort. Varadero was thought to be the best beach in the Caribbean Basin before the neighborhood upheaval. American moguls had even favored it to Jamaica, until the communists came to control. Jumpers speak to an extraordinary classification of sightseers here. The matter is that the ocean around is the biggest burial ground of boats on the planet. The course to Europe, along which Spanish galleys traded gold from the New World, gone here. The boats regularly sank as a result of the over-burden. As per the researchers’ estimations, 400 vessels sank in the port of Havana alone.

Little A 26 travel to the opposite side of Cuba, the island of Kayo Largo, from the airplane terminal of Varadero. At times it is called “the main Caribbean island that has saved the calm and the appeal of the nineteenth century”. Playa Esmeralda, the most excellent beach of Cuba, Guardalavaca, the acclaimed beach with the superb coral reef and Playa Peskero with the to a great degree wonderful seabed are arranged here. The sand is brilliantly white there, the ocean is never stormy, and the hotels that work as per «all inclusive» framework are stick stuffed with the Europeans.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to see real Cuba, go to Havana. The historical backdrop of the city has been followed from 1515. The stunning houses of the Spanish colonization time frame neighbor upon the communist structures here, ultramodern high rises – upon the shaky cabins of the edges. The private houses or the “specific” speak to the most outlandish and cheap variation of cabin here. It is conceivable to discover such “private boardinghouse” just on the off chance that you bring a Spanish lexicon with you and bug some neighborhood with the question. One can locate a “specific” with all comforts in the focal point of the city for 20 dollars for every day and a few dollars for the “manage”.

Keeping in mind the end goal to take after the style, we encourage to eat in private establishments called “paladar” too. Each inhabitant of Havana gained the privilege to open a little eatery comprising of three tables for 12 people in his/her own particular level as the present from the administration quite a long while back. The unapproved expand of seats is extremely rebuffed. The menu is controlled too: just chicken or hamburger dishes can be served in such bistros. Be that as it may, the valuable ocean tenants are the national legacy; basic Cubans have no privilege to catch them. As per the as of late issued law, if a lobster is found in the fridge at a Cuban’s place, the icebox will be appropriated.

When you need to speak with the nearby populace, go to popular «Floridita» bar, where Hemingway was the visitor. Hemingway speaks to a curious age to Cuba. There are a great deal of places in Havana, where he got a kick out of the chance to be; there is his table, seat, most loved seat in the park, most loved mixed drinks, with the formulas of which he “endowed” his relatives. Furthermore, his most loved seat close to the stanchion toward the edge of «Floridita» bar, where a little symphony with the violoncello, violin and accordion plays tunes to the request, and the visitors taste “Daiquiri” made of rum, lemon juice, sugar and maraschino. One more place in Old Havana is associated with his name also – «La bodeguita del medio», the bar and the eatery. “Mohitos”, rum with ice and mint, which is a less dainty, however more conventional Cuban drink, is in vogue in this bar.

Incidentally, on the off chance that you are an awesome admirer of rum, go to Rum Museum some time. You will be offered to think about different sorts of the solid drink there, and you will realize the contrast between Havana Club, which is acclaimed everywhere throughout the world, and odd Guayabita del Pinar, which is delivered no place else on the planet. “Having degusted to your heart content”, purchase a jug of seven-year-old rum so as to entertain the companions at home. It will cost just 7 dollars.

Obviously, one ought to taste rum holding a stogie close by. The best-known Cuban stogies are of Воlivаг sort, with the bear a resemblance to dry earth and flavors, of Соhiba, La Gloria Cubana sorts and of respectable and costly Hoyo de Monterrey sort. Cuba even opened a unique hotel for experienced smokers to show disdain toward the Americans, who make hotels for nonsmokers. It is called “Conde de Villanueva” and is arranged in the wonderful working of the city manor of the XVIII-th century in Havana. There are just nine rooms of an enormous size on two stories of the aggregate region of 2,5 thousand square meters. Each of them has been given its own particular name, which is associated with the solid kind of stogies, and the costs for the every day rent here strike creative energy. What’s more, a little smiley Cuban offers similar stogies for a few dollars under the hotel window clandestinely, and it is more wonderful to smoke them than those that are sold for dollars in money looks for nonnatives, to come clean…