Thailand, the Land of the Free

Thailand, the place that is known for the free, is one of those asian nations which is justified regardless of the season of visitors. Pattaya and Bangkok are two of the well known places to visit here. In the event that you need to have a plunge in Thai waters, go to Pattaya and have a treat shopping at known production line outlets.

Yet, in the event that you need constant shopping at shopping centers, at the drifting business sector, night markets (like in Chatuchak consistently) and discount outlets or appreciate nightlife at bars, go to Bangkok. This is the place we stayed for 3 days….

Buddhist sanctuaries from Bangkok to Ayutthaya are additionally a devour to the eyes. Furthermore, see the loftiness of the royal residences of their government (the Grand Palace, Summer Palace, among others). At that point the ideal completion of a nearby experience with Thai natural life is a stunning elephant ride. You may likewise pick a night of amusement at Siam Niramit. For those searching for certifiable sapphires (generally found in Thailand), remember to drop by the Gems Gallery.

A few hotels speck Bangkok’s roads. You can discover hotels whose costs fit your budget. Filipinos as often as possible go to the Four Seasons International House. You will doubtlessly chance upon several Filipinos once you checked in here.

On the off chance that you plan to go shopping center jumping to the small hours of the night, it is prudent to pick a hotel close to the shopping centers grouped together (i.e. MBK Center, the 3 Siam Malls, Central World, Pantip Plaza, et al). With the unpleasant movement at the principle avenues of Bangkok (yes, much the same as in the Philippines), you might be compelled to walk your way back to your hotel.

In circumventing Bangkok, you can take the skytrain (simply like our LRT or MRT), transport, taxi, or the tuktuk (like our tricycle). NOTE: If you don’t ride the tuktuk, it’s as though you haven’t been to Bangkok.

At long last, Bangkok’s climate is more moist than our own. Be that as it may, its avenues are cleaner than our own and smoke belchers are not that successive.