Texas Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

Time: 25 mins

Prep: 10 mins, Cook: 15 mins

Yield: 4 to 6 Servings

These great chicken fried steaks are made with solid shape steaks. You can knead the steaks yourself with a meat hammer. See the master tips for directions.

Serve chicken fried steaks with scones, sauce, and pureed potatoes. Include your family’s most loved vegetables for a scrumptious ordinary dinner.

What You’ll Need

1 pound 3D shape steaks (or softened round steak; see beneath)

1/2 container flour (prepared with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder*)

1 substantial egg (beaten)

1/2 container bread pieces (or saltine morsels; more as required)

How to Make It

  • Dig the meat with flour prepared with salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder.
  • Plunge into beaten egg.
  • Press bread morsels or pop saltine scraps into the meat.
  • Broil in around 1/2 inch of hot oil (roughly 350 F) until brilliant darker.

***For some flour, include 2 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of crisply ground dark pepper.

Master Tips

How to Tenderize Round Steak: Place the steak on a cutting board and place a sheet of plastic wrap on the meat. Pound with the spiked side of the meat hammer until the point that the steak is diminished. Dunk it in the egg and morsels and cook until brilliant dark colored.

Serve chicken fried steaks with arranged sauce, pureed potatoes, green beans or corn, and rolls.