Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park is a concealed jewel found only 20 minutes west of downtown Atlanta. Despite the fact that the recreation center is found near the city, its 2,500 sections of land give a calm and tranquil escape from the commotion and the movement. Sweetwater Creek State Park is one of the best kept insider facts in the Atlanta region.

The recreation center is arranged along Sweetwater Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River. At drier circumstances of the year the water in the creek streams delicately along, yet after a time of substantial rain the creek has zones of white water than are appraised as class IV rapids. These falls and falls once made the creek an appropriate site to construct water controlled plants. The vestiges of New Manchester Manufacturing Company, an old cotton factory, are saved inside the recreation center.

The plant, worked at the falls in the creek, was set up in 1849 as the Sweetwater Manufacturing Company. It was worked by previous Georgia senator Charles J. McDonald and a partner, James Rogers, as a cotton process. By 1857 a group had created around the factory, which incorporated a store, a mail station, and lodging for the specialists. The business was renamed the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, and the five-story block structure was taller than any working in Atlanta around then. Amid the Civil War the plant delivered material that was utilized to make tents and sheets for the Confederacy. The New Manchester process, alongside two different factories in the promptly zone, was singed on July 9, 1864 by Union rangers strengths driven by Major General George Stoneman. The factory and the group encompassing it were never modified.

Sweetwater Creek State Park contains a system of four converging trails totaling nine miles. The Historic or Red Trail takes after the creek past the falls and the remnants of the cotton process. The Yellow Trail leads past the remaining parts of a grist plant and scaffold that once served the group. Another trail leads along the rough feign 50 feet over the creek and gives grand perspectives of the creek and falls. The trails offer a gander at a portion of the recreation center’s natural life, including deer and numerous assortments of winged animals. The trails are all around kept up and extend in trouble from simple to decently strenuous.

The recreation center offers angling in the creek and in 215-section of land George Sparks Reservoir. There are two angling docks and kayak and angling watercraft rentals (electric engines just) at the lake. A trap shop is open occasionally. There are likewise cookout zones and a play area in the recreation center. Shows are shown at the recreation center’s LEED confirmed Visitor Center, which is open from 8am-5pm.

Sweetwater Creek State Park is situated at 1750 Mt. Vernon Road in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Stop hours are 7am-10pm day by day. Trails close at dull. A $3 stopping expense is charged.