Sumo Wrestler by Day, Feared Crime Fighter by Night

Envision being a thin, stealthy feline thief, scrounging through a few drawers oblivious at an exceptionally well-to-do hotel, when all of a sudden everything you could ever hope for are crushed…literally. Well that is just about what happened to Konoshin Kawabata as he was secured in a residents capture by Dewanosato, an extremely renowned and huge Sumo Wrestler in Japan. At the point when the lights were turned on, the robber got himself encompassed by not one, but rather about two dozen Sumo Wrestlers who coincidentally was preparing at that hotel.

After the sumos had a great time with the criminal, they called for hotel security, much to the help of the now battleworn burgular.

What’s far superior is how the man responded to his catch. “I attempted to squirm myself free, since I have heard that Sumo Wrestlers are generally oiled up to make their skin look shinier,” said the criminal, “yet when that didn’t work I chose to play dead like a possum, with the expectation that he may think he squashed me.”

The hotel offered the Sumo’s an everything you-can-have supper to say thanks to them for their boldness, yet soon came to lament the offer as it wound up costing them considerably more than what the criminal could have taken.