Reverse Barbell Curl – How to Do This Bicep and Forearms Exercise

Among the hardest body parts to create are your forearms. In spite of the fact that they create along other, greater muscle gatherings, you do need to give them more engaged thoughtfulness regarding truly get them into shape. The Reverse Barbell Curl is a fantastic bicep and forearms exercise. It encourages you assemble bulk and increment quality which will enable you to perform better in more engaged biceps exercises.

What you require

To do reverse barbell curls you require a barbell or an EZ bar with a few weights to put on either end.

Beginning position

You put the barbell at your feet. Get the barbell in an overhand hold with the two hands. Ensure your hands are separated at about shoulder width from each other. Give your arms a chance to dangle straight down while the bar lightly touches your thighs.

Ensure your back is stright, your head is up, and your elbows are near to your sides. You can twist your knees a bit or put one foot marginally behind you to expand strength.


Curl up the barbell to the extent it will go. Make a point to not swing your hips or twist your back. Your elbows ought to remain immovably by your sides. Don’t give them a chance to push forward. Do the reverse curl gradually and keep up full control all through the exercise. The main muscles that ought to work are your biceps and forearms. Don’t give your shoulders, a chance to back, and leg muscles take an interest excessively as it ruins the adequacy of the exercise.

When you achieve the highest position, hold the bar for a moment or two preceding letting it withdraw gradually to the beginning position.

Make a point to breathe out when the bar is going up and breathe in when it’s going down.


I suggest doing the reverse grasp barbell curl toward the finish of your bicep exercise. Since the forearms fill in as supporting muscles to the majority of your bicep exercises, you need to ensure that they’re as crisp as could be allowed while you’re working out your biceps. The reverse curl centers all the more intently around the forearms, so it should come last.

In the event that you find that you do swing your hips, twist your back, or can’t control your elbows, you should work with a lower weight and assemble quality continuously. Consummate shape is dependably the approach. It will enable you to accomplish better outcomes and diminish danger of damage.

Along these lines, now you know how to do a reverse bicep curl. Go construct those biceps and forearms.

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