Restaurants in Cairo, Egypt – Where to Dine and Drink

Fulfilling most eatable cravings, Cairo, Egypt is home to a ceaseless wellspring of restaurants. Economical nourishment is dependably effortlessly available wherever about the avenues, as restaurants and nibble slows down are everywhere. The most elevated appraised feasting openings are regularly, however not generally arranged in hotels and Nile pontoons. The outskirts found amongst restaurants and bistros are not obviously characterized inside the Egyptian capital. In various areas, it is somewhat agreeable to just taste on a drink or sheesha. Mid-range and high-run locales may ask for a base charge. The more affordable restaurants and a portion of the pricier outlets normally don’t serve liquor.

By and large, downtown Cairo is tolerable for eating while on a budget, while a larger amount of feasting is found in spots, for example, Zamalek, Mohandeseen, and whatever other parts of the city considered more fortunate than others.

The larger part of manuals and nourishment specialists agree that Cairo is not the best place to visit for feasting. The fixings used to plan sustenance are generally observed as lower in quality, as even the “creme de la creme” of Cairo restaurants may offer dishes that make a question mark. All things considered, there is as yet a variety of restaurants in Cairo to consider eating at.

At the point when guests have a longing to investigate the culinary treats of Cairo, they ought to search out the production called Cairo Dining, which creates a half-yearly refresh of the 1,000 of restaurants in Cairo. This additionally incorporates areas to look at. The magazine sorts postings by value, sorts of nourishment, and district. The magazine is in plain view at chain bistros, (for example, Cilantro and Beanos). Otlob . com is additionally known to convey nourishment from an extensive variety of restaurants in Cairo. It is additionally a viable decision, as it supplies an accumulation of diners that are isolated by sort of sustenance and district. This English production additionally talks about different menus.

Furthermore, explorers locate that most restaurants in Cairo (except for astounding foundations) convey sustenance or offer takeout.

Cairo Restaurant Suggestions


When searching for the best fowl in Cairo, this cheap diner (whose name remains for “the donkey”) is said to satisfy. The area is extraordinary, as simple access to the most respected mosque in Cairo (Seidna Zeinab) and closeness to Ibn Tulun is picked up. Many individuals enjoy adding this stop to a visit all through Islamic Cairo.

Kushari Tahrir

Numerous downtown outlets are related with this Kushari chain, which is very famous with guests. The main kind of sustenance served is Kushari, which is known to be very fulfilling.

Abou al-Sid

This chic Zamalek eatery makes complex Egyptian dishes. It is recommended to reserve a spot early and make sure to spruce up for supper.

Soqaia, Zamalek

Here, individuals come to enjoy great Lebanese nourishment with a combination of more than 50 sorts of waterpipe tobacco. Better than average drinks and a great situating by the Nile area are viewed as one of the best places to visit when searching for somebody to enjoy the Cairo evening air.

Maison Thomas, Zamalek

For the most delectable pizza and heavenly Italian sustenance eatery in Cairo, look at this eatery, which likewise gives access to an in-house shop that provisions pork, which is very uncommon in Cairo.

Euro Deli, Zamalek

To encounter the solace of this global bistro, come to enjoy one of the most advantageous sandwiches, plates of mixed greens and bagels that the city brings to the table.

La Bodega, Zamalek

At this top of the line diner, you will experience a wonderful menu, incredible administration, and invigorating drinks, which is regularly difficult to situate in the Cairo.

Egyptian and Oriental Dishes

To enjoy conventional Egyptian dishes, these sorts of suppers are discovered almost in each place. The slows down and restaurants of the road is the place customary dishes, for example, foul (bean glue), taamiyya (falafel), and muzagga’a (fiery aubergines) is found. Vacationers likewise experience kushari, which comprises of macaroni, lentils, chickpeas, and the periodic expansion of tomato sauce. Other run of the mill dinners incorporate fatayeer (Egyptian hotcakes with different fillings) and shawarma (bits of broiled meat frequently wrapped in bread) an import hailing from Lebanon and Syria.

In more affordable restaurants in Cairo, one may just dine on vegetables and in some cases meat franks or corned hamburger. It is likewise normal to discover plates of mixed greens, eggs, and broiled potatoes on the menu. Keeping in mind the end goal to encounter the most clean of diners, it is recommended to dine where the vast majority visit, as the benchmarks fluctuate from place to put. Maintaining a strategic distance from exhaust outlets are very suggested, as the nourishment more often than not needs freshness. Downtown is a decent place to find a large portion of the better Kushari outlets.

The determinations of customary Egyptian sustenance are confined, as you interacted with mid-and upper-value ranges. While the conditions are showing signs of improvement, conventional eating in Egypt is generally experienced inside private families. Genuine Egyptian sustenance is here and there enjoyed at understood chain restaurants, for example, Felfela (which has various outlets) and Abou Sid (found in Zamalek, Maadi and Doqqi).

Generally speaking, visitors locate that Arabic and Oriental restaurants offer shifting cooking styles. On the splendid side, Cairo is fortunate to have a conventional modest bunch of Lebanese outfits that offers quality eats. This incorporates chains like Dar al-Qamar, which join a large group of popular restaurants. Additionally, Turkish nourishment and restaurants are available, as they generally obliges visitor of the inlet.

Western and Asian Food

There has likewise been an expansion in Western fast food restaurants in Cairo. These foundations are frequently observed as a portion of the best home bases for youthful Cairenes who are searching for an area to unwind. It appears these restaurants are the “coolest” spots to hang out with companions. All through the city, McDonalds, Hardees, Pizza Hut and KFC are very prominent. An alluring TGI Friday’s is additionally arranged on the banks of the Nile, which is likewise at the passageway of Maadi, offering lager yet no wine to their benefactors.

Burgers in Cairo are found at Fudd Rocker’s (Maadi and Mohandesseen), and in addition at the Lucile in Maadi. With a stylish inside, the Mint in Mohandeseen is a liquor free Italian foundation. The city likewise brags western-style pastry shops and bistros, where lighter admission is provided like sandwiches and servings of mixed greens. An excursion to the famous chains of Cilantro and Beanos and The Mariott Bakery will give comparative dishes. Remote Internet is likewise accessible at these locales.

For universal feasting that is more on the jazzy side, Cairo has a choice to consider, which incorporates Italian, Chinese, and Japanese outlets. Furthermore, mainland cooking is found in locales, for example, Dokki, Zamalek, and Mohandeseen.

Dietary Issues and Cleanliness

A couple wellbeing safety measures are recommended for go in Cairo, as it is not proposed to devour tap water or eat unpeeled new foods grown from the ground. This is typically taken after for at any rate the primary couple of days of get-away. To enjoy veggie lover alternatives, L’aubergine situated in Zamalek is a good restaurant that is known for its vegan sustenance. If not, you will locate that Egyptian food is loaded on account of vegetable dishes, yet keep that a few suppers have covered meat in the readied stock and sauces. At the point when accessible outside of significant hotels, expend sushi and frozen yogurt with alert.


The Metro chain and Alfa Market in Zamalek are helpful general stores. Generally vegetables and organic product are ample and cheap. Pastry kitchens like The Bakery chain offer western-style bread and cakes. Natural nourishment is accessible at Sekem in Zamalek.

As you experience Souks and other open air markets, you will figure out how to snatch phenomenal deliver by haggling with the costs. Newly prepared bread is plenteous and found as two various types: entire wheat (“aysh baladi”) and made with white flour (“aysh shami”). It is very normal to see heaps of little youngsters on bicycles conveying this bread to each side of Cairo. Every area likewise has devoted avenues where deliver and different merchandise are made accessible.

Little pastry shops (“furuns”) give a wide range of prepared products from doughnuts to breadsticks (Italian style). The crisp things at pastry shops offer voyagers a reprieve from the typical breakfast of beans.