Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

For the individuals who are searching for a home close Salvador without contributing a considerable measure of cash, Lauro de Freitas offers some awesome choices. Not at all like a portion of the more upmarket areas close Salvador, the real estate available to be purchased in Lauro de Freitas offers both condos and houses, which enables it to take into account a more extensive market section.

Lauro de Freitas is situated around 15 km towards the upper east of Salvador. It is a urban territory with a considerable measure of business movement and is a noteworthy supporter of the development in the locale. Regardless of being a urban region, the town has its own particular offer of normal excellence with slopes, levels and tablelands shrouded in greenery.

It has three streams going through it and has around 6 km of beautiful beaches. The three most well known beaches here are Vilas do Atlantico, Ipitanga and Buraquinho.


In Lauro de Freitas you will discover agreeable lofts in present day urban style formats which preserve space, yet give all offices. Most flats are new and you additionally have the choice of purchasing a condo under development with anticipated conveyance in about a year.

Contingent upon the value that you will pay, you can discover houses in both upmarket regions and regions with moderately bring down expenses. It is likewise conceivable to purchase arrive in created apartment suites with normal offices. You can likewise search for good business ventures like shops and hotels.


The costs of condos reaches from R$120,000 to R$600,000. A normal loft would cost you about R$247,000. You have a decision between areas close to the beaches or the ocean and areas around the local area, which are nearer to ordinary necessities.

Contingent upon the value, you will get a few rooms and possibly maybe a couple suites. The floor space will be in the 40 to 180 sq. meters go. A pool is accessible in most present day flats and the higher end lofts may have bigger pools or a different one for children.

As most condos are new, they generally come empty, however it is at times conceivable to discover semi-outfitted lofts also.

Parking spot for maybe a couple autos is once in a while accessible. You can expect offices, for example, round the clock security, grill, flame broil, get together room, cloakroom, indoor games offices, wellness region, amusement room, party region, and so on in many condos. In the more costly condominiums, components, for example, house keeper quarters, banquet room, sports courts, and so on possibly accessible.


There are many houses available to be purchased in Lauro de Freitas from R$175,000 to R$1,150,000 with a normal cost of R$656,000. They are all in pleasant areas with alluring components.

Houses beneath R$700,000 are generally inside gated groups, for the most part found near one of the stunning beaches. Most houses are two-story structures with 75 to 600 sq. meters of developed region on plots of 200 to 800 sq. meters. You can anticipate that two will five rooms with up to three suites. Large portions of these houses have a swimming pool, garden, grass or green territory. Numerous auto stopping office is likewise normally accessible.

Houses with costs nearer to R$700,000 will have amazing development and perhaps a huge pool with premium elements. You can expect the various normal offices like security, administration region, party territory, grill, wash room, office, representative quarters, play area, amusement room, den for children and water stockpiling.

The houses in the higher range which are valued above R$700,000 are situated in premium upmarket townhouses. The development standard is of high caliber, more often than not with magnificent wrap up. These houses are genuinely vast with 250 to 400 sq. meters of developed range on plots of 400 to 1500 sq. meters.

The greater part of them have four rooms and more than two suites. You can expect premium elements like a well laid out huge pool, a decent finished garden or a green zone with organic product trees. Sufficient auto stopping is accessible and notwithstanding the typical offices, you can expect a dance hall, club, tennis court, and so on as a major aspect of the basic offices.

Different Types Of Real Estate

On the off chance that you like to do your own particular development, you can discover great plots of land in all around created apartment suites with great basic offices, on which a house can be built.

Business real estate, for example, spaces for shops or outlets and real estate that is appropriate for change to a little hotel is likewise at times accessible. The cost can extend from R$250,000 for a shop in a decent business apartment suite to over R$1,000,000 for a hotel with around 10 rooms and fundamental offices.

A considerable measure of real estate available to be purchased in Lauro de Freitas is generally recently developed and some are even under development. You can purchase a home with an extensive variety of budgets. Business venture is additionally conceivable. This a decent place for individuals who need a home or interest in a urban focus close Salvador. You can get all the urban framework but be near some exquisite beaches.