Postojna Cave

The Postojna Cave lies underneath the Karst Plateau of the Notranjska area in Slovenia. It is a standout amongst the most lovely collapses the world and the main buckle that has a propelled electric prepare framework. The Postojna buckle framework starts from the Quaternary time frame (1-2 million years prior). There are substantial dripstones (stalactites) and different Speleothems which have been conceivable on account of the age of the give in and inexhaustible precipitation. There are three sorts of Speleothems and dripstones:

– stalagmites (hanging),

– stalactites (standing) and

– columns (stalagmites and stalactites regularly participate in the center).

Throughout the most recent 100,000 years rotating times of worm and frosty climatic conditions have happened crosswise over Slovene domain. A few eras of calcite dripstone have been built up:

– from the interglacial period (80,000 years prior)

– from the worm interglacial period (50,000-30,000 years prior)

– from the postglacial period (most recent 10,000 years).

The most youthful era of stalactites are as yet developing today (one millimeter like clockwork). Just the initial segment of the buckle is without stalactites.

The deepest profundities of the buckle were found in 1818 amid the readiness for a visit by Austrian Emperor Francis I. A nearby man Luka Cec attempted to put a sheet with a trademark and saw the deepest parts of the buckle. Newfound units were promptly organized the tourism reason. In 1914 a prepare line with train twofold seat mentors was introduced. The limit for tourism was the year 1964 when a roundabout twofold line for an electric prepare was introduced.

Amid the second world war the surrender was utilized as a German fuel dump. In the 1944 Partizans entered the give in by the north side and set fire to it. This demonstration darkened the stalactite arrangement in the underlying adit.

The qualities of the Postojna Cave are murkiness, insufficient amounts of natural substances, high dampness (very nearly 100%) and steady temperature. In 1831 Luka Cec found a surprising creepy crawly. The insect was named Narrow neck and it is the main known troglodyte. The popular animal is the pale skinned person ┬╗cloveska ribica┬ź which was accepted to be the whelp of a monster. Their bodies are typically pigmentless or white, they have no eyes. They can see the light with the surface of their bodies.

There are many spots to see close to the Postojna Cave:

– the Pivka give in,

– the Black surrender,

– Predjama Castle,

– Nanos Platenau,

– Rakov skocjan,

– Planinsko polje and

– Cerknica lake.

The Postojna Cave lies close to the city of Postojna, which offers numerous accommodation alternatives. There are four Hotels in Postojna:

– Hotel Kras,

– Hotel Epicenter,

– Hotel Sport and

– Hotel Jama.