Philadelphia Airport – Park Stay Fly Hotel Parking

Observing the accessible hotels close to the Phila airplane terminal that offer stopping and transport, doesn’t generally give me numerous decisions. Just 4 hotels are putting forth airplane terminal stopping bundles on the web, and of the 4, 2 of those are sold out for the days I have to hold for my excursion.

The 2 remaining decisions were Comfort Inn Philadelphia Airport, and Ramada Philadelphia Airport South.

Not being excessively acquainted with Comfort Inn, and realizing that The Ramada has a different parking garage for longterm stopping utilized only for air terminal voyagers. Also the at least 10 vans I find in their part, I chose to book my stopping bundle with The Ramada.

I’ll be paying somewhat more than if I stayed at the Comfort Inn, however the advantages will most likely exceed the additional couple of dollars I am paying.

I would prefer truly not to leave my auto in a hotel part if it’s not secure. 14 days is quite a while to leave your auto in a hotel parcel. In any case, at the Ramada, I know my auto will be behind a bolted fence and not out in the open.

I likewise can rely on the buses being there on time to lift me up in the morning at the Hotel, and when I return, ideally they will lift me up speedily at the air terminal.

Well wish me fortunes on my outing to Florida, and I’ll let all of you know how I made out with The Ramada Parking Package.

PS. On the off chance that you are anticipating booking a ParkSleepFly Package close to the Phila Airport, book it ahead of time, they appear to offer out quick.