Marine Drive, Mumbai

Marine Drive is a standout amongst the most famous and an ably laid-out street in South Mumbai. It is in certainty a toppled semi roundabout molded six path unmistakable street, which is about 3 km along the shoreline and when totally lit around evening time really gives an appearance of Queen’s Necklace. This way joins Nariman Point with Malabar Hills. To be found over restrained land, confronting west-south-west, its shoreline traces the part of the Arabian Sea. What pulls the thoughtfulness regarding this street is the obvious walkway along these lines to the street, where various of individuals come to suck in some natural air and watch the delightful dusk. One can without trouble touch base at Marine Drive by setting out transports or prepares, or by drawing in cars or taxicabs from the city side.

Formally known by the name of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive was beforehand perceived as Sonapur among neighborhood Marathi populace. Palm trees are to be discovered up and down the street, offering a striking and a satisfying perspective and demanding asphalt to take a restful walk. Including the most extreme genuine land costs in India, the high rises along the street nestle numerous hotels and are staying an excessive number of acclaimed individuals and bollywood stars. Without a doubt, there is a line up of craftsmanship deco developments that were made by well off Parsis in the period mid 1920’s. Bombay is near Miami (USA) in its figure of craftsmanship deco structures up and down the harbor.

Around evening time, Marine Drive is most strikingly edified, with lights and if seen from some grandiose indicate next the street, it appears as though it resembles a neckband with lights up and down the street like a pearl necklace. Chowpatty Beach, celebrated for its neighborhood fast-food, is at the northern end of this way. One of the to a great degree occupied streets in Mumbai, Marine Drive has been highly respected as the world’s significant screening displays that assemble an assortment of occasions.

Marine Drive gives the most great promenade to take a fortifying and helpful walk around to the shining waters of the Arabian Sea. The crisp and new breeze would grasp you with its delicate touch, making you accept as though you are in the seventh paradise. ‘Nana-Nani’ play area is the present interest, which has been additionally included for more seasoned individuals in the region. Entertain your taste buds with the roadside “kulfi” and tit-bits offered at street side slows down. Subsequently, Marine Drive is a goal that you can’t bear to disregard while traveling in the money related center point of India, Bombay.