Lucid Dreaming – Can You Control What You Dream About?

Lucid dreaming is the craft of having the capacity to understand that you are in a fantasy state. When you do this, you would you be able to control what you long for.

Put that way, it sounds at the same time simple and alarming.

All things considered, dreams are somewhat unusual at any rate. So why might you need to take control of them?

There are bunches of reasons:

  1. There might be things that you’ve for the longest time been itching to do, yet can’t. These frequently appear as wild dream – going out on the town with Paris Hilton, for example. Or, on the other hand possibly you need to fly high over the mists and look down at the earth from space. For the greater part of us unimportant mortals, these are things that quality as 100% dream. Be that as it may, in a fantasy state, they are consummately practical.
  2. You might need to utilize your fantasy time as additional practice for an essential conference, a discourse you need to convey or notwithstanding something like a driving test.
  3. Or, then again you could choose that a few dreams are nastier than you might want them to be – we regularly allude to these as bad dreams – and you need to have the capacity to turn them around and make them more lovely.

When you choose to take in the craft of lucid dreaming, these situations and numerous more begin to wind up plainly conceivable.

Begin off by recording your fantasies in a diary that you keep near to your bed. Dreams are exceptionally tricky. In the event that you don’t catch them rapidly, they will vanish into the past, never to reemerge. The better you are at keeping this diary and the more dreams you catch along these lines, the more you will begin to recollect what you long for. This is the initial step to having the capacity to then control your dozing hours.