Lower Stomach Exercise – How to Safely Do the Reverse Crunch

A standout amongst the most troublesome regions to exercise adequately is the lower stomach zone. Numerous individuals gripe that they don’t know how to dispose of that layer of fat which adheres to their lower abdomen.

In this article I need to audit how to do a straightforward exercise which focuses on the lower stomach muscles. This exercise is known as the reverse crunch.

The reverse crunch is a simple to do exercise which doesn’t require any gear. Simply discover a cover or tangle to lie on and you can do this exercise impeccably. The reverse crunch isn’t a troublesome exercise however it’s a decent place to begin your journey to a level stomach.

Here is how you ought to play out the reverse crunch:

Begin Position: Lie on the floor with the two legs collapsed, however keep your feet marginally off the floor. The two legs ought to be casual. Keep the two hands palm down at the two sides of your body near your pelvis.

Development: Contract your lower abs by conveying your collapsed knees tight to your stomach. Gradually separate your knees from your stomach however keep them marginally off the floor. Rehash.


  • Hold your lower back level on the floor at record-breaking to abstain from applying weight on your back
  • Close your eyes and spotlight on your abs
  • In the event that you need to make an additional force in this exercise, lash some leg weights to your lower legs and play out the exercise.

The reverse crunch can be exceedingly successful if done effectively. I recommend that you join it into your standard abs schedule.

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