Long Distance Dating as a Christian

Some supportive tips and counsel in dating long distance as a Christian.

Long distance dating can be precarious so I chose to compose a blog about La Micia and I’s experience when we dated long distance. At the time, she was living in New York and I was living in Maryland. These two states are not really universes away, however any long distance relationship can display challenges. I needed to impart to you things from my encounters with long distance dating. I think long distance dating gets unfavorable criticism. However, I am exceptionally appreciative God permitted La Micia and I to date long distance first and foremost. The following are a portion of the professional’s and con’s of dating long distance:


  • You become more acquainted with the individual on a more profound level.
    • The way that you need to really talk by means of telephone, email, skype, ect. Means you will truly become more acquainted with this individual.
  • Distance influences the heart to become fonder.
    • In spite of the fact that it is extremely hard being far from each other, the distance can really serves to stir the fire of shared fondness.
  • There are less open doors for Satan to entice with polluting influence.
    • Normally in light of the fact that you won’t be physically around each other, the open doors for Satan to entice will be less.
  • You get the chance to get to know one another when you do at long last observe each other!
    • Clearly when one of you visits the other, a ton of awesome quality time will be spent together.
  • Develop in being proactive and purposeful
    • Long distance dating drives you to wind up noticeably an extraordinary organizer!


  • Weaknesses
    • You not being there to reassure her of your friendship (eye to eye) or tight clamp versa can fit Satan advising her (or you) that “the fire” is blurring.
  • Not getting the chance to cooperate in Gods kingdom
    • It’s hard to create science of doing God’s role as a group when you’re dating at distance.
  • Not having the capacity to go see each other at whatever point you need.
    • As I said before this can be something worth being thankful for, yet is still exceptionally baffling.

Having said the greater part of that, here are some pragmatic’s that truly helped us have a solid long distance relationship:

  • Arranging and conveying when we will see each (face to face) other ahead of time.
    • How regularly will you visit each other? At the point when will this be? Who will visit who?
  • Driving the discussions/type of correspondence.
    • I prescribe coming into the discussions with a pack of inquiries. You can get question ideas easily on the web (otherworldly inquiries, fun inquiries, irregular inquiries) in case the discussion ceases to exist.
    • Assortment in correspondence. You can truly enhance the way you convey. Innovation implies you can see each other and you can likewise message each other and send “voice notes”. Keep in mind about the old school either which still has a sentimental flare to it, for example, telephone calls or great old fashion general mail (yes manually written mail!).
  • Choose when you will chat on the telephone, when you will Skype, when you won’t talk (like days to concentrate just on God), when you will see each other.
    • Since uncertainties run high with long distance it is best to over-convey.
    • On the off chance that you don’t discuss this stuff ahead of time then when one individual doesn’t call the other it can prompt contemplations as, “he couldn’t care less about me.”
  • When you know you will see each other in person ensure you have the end of the week or the week arranged out.
    • This fills a couple of needs: It is empowering for them and having activities avert alone time where allurement runs high.
  • Keep in mind that instabilities are high so steady verbal reassurance of how much you like them is required.
    • One proviso to this is don’t go over the edge! There is an almost negligible difference amongst reassurances and saying things that are excessively sentimental or unseemly given the status of wherever your relationship might be.

Enormous PICTURE ADVICE: This is in no way, shape or form comprehensive and I know I am missing things. As you date long distance, make sure to concentrate on your stroll with God, indicate your life partner God, have a considerable measure of fun, and get a huge amount of exhortation (from individuals who have effectively dated equitably) all through. I didn’t believe myself or my heart (Jeremiah 17:9) so I generally got counsel about everything (I’m not clowning, ev-er-ry-thing) from some go-to individuals. By and by have some good times!

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