Koh Chang Tour

Tour in Koh Chang

“Chang” signifies “elephant” in Thai and speaks to something that has a normal for being vast or tremendous. From its name, Koh Chang is a colossal island in the Gulf of Thailand and fills in as the second biggest island in Thailand. The island is additionally considered as Thailand’s National Park with its lovely nature, a year-round cool to warm atmosphere, and occasional pleasures. Not at all like whatever other islands in Thailand, it is the unparalleled island tourists can visit at whatever point they need to without a need to stress over seasons and time since its rich assets are constantly present and prepared to welcome universal tourists and elevate its obscure riddle to the outside world.

Places and Things to Do in Koh Chang

With its plentiful assets and all-year direct atmosphere, tourists can visit better places in Koh Chang. Its own one of a kind sort and districts enabled tourists to visit an assortment of tourist attractions and experience a wild enterprise in the Marine National Park. Its shocking white sand beaches, common spa and unwinding will keep tourists occupied and enjoyable; would you be able to oppose yourself from bouncing into the cool, clean water and move back to a hand-made coconut bed? That is practically inconceivable for global tourists and even the Thais.

Koh Chang Navy Operation Site, Learn the History

The island has its own particular mystery secret and a wicked history all Thais pay regard to. This authentic site was found southern shoreline of the island, some place close to the Ao Salak Phet, where numerous guesthouses and five star hotels are found. Here in the Navy Operation site, tourists can learn of Koh Chang’s history including the fight that can never be overlooked, the clash of 17 January 1921 that occurred here In the island. Consistently around January, tourists are welcome to visit and take in the conventional ceremonies and the skimming of laurels into the ocean, in helping to remember the individuals who passed away and squandered their lives amid the bleeding naval force fight here in the island.

Island Waterfalls and Beaches: Asian Paradises

With its huge land surface and territory, Koh Chang has quantities of waterfalls tourists can draw near to. Than Mayom Waterfall is situated close to the east drift and can be associated by Ban Dan Mai and Tha Than Mayom. The durian plantation is situated close to the top of the water fall where tourists and climbers can enjoy themselves there at the top, looking down at clear, hurrying waters. The Klong Phu Waterfall is another fascinating spot individuals can visit and chill themselves off. It is well known for its unmistakable, blue pool just underneath the waterfall where individuals swim and enjoy invigorating waters after a bounce from the regular slider. Acclaimed for its beaches, it is never to be missed for Had Klong Prao. This beach is to be sure the longest beach in the whole island. Homes and hotels are situated close to the beach to give comfort. Ao Bai Lan, another renowned beach, is celebrated for its serene condition; breezy methodologies and white, common sand draws in a huge number of tourists and quiets them down with its cool water.


Koh Chang, the island of refreshments will never disappoint tourists. Attractions, regular assets, and the warm invites of islanders will keep tours warm and agreeable. The general population of the island and also its inclination will never give Thailand a chance to lose its name, “The Land of Smile”.