Jaisalmer Rajasthan


A fascinating area in the midst of the leave of nature, Jaisalmer draws in the sightseers from over the globe. Synonymous with the Jaisalmer Golden Fort, Jaisalmer is one of the real attractions in Rajasthan. Sightseers head towards Jaisalmer for its Sam sand ridges and the legacy landmarks. The Jaisalmer city was established by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD.

The sheer mysterious excellence of Jaisalmer is a devour to the eyes. Jaisalmer Fort is the real point of interest of the city appears to move upward of a betray fog. While visiting Jaisalmer one must investigate the accompanying attractions:

Jaisalmer Fort

In reality the significant fascination of the city, Jaisalmer Fort remains around 100 meters over the city. The castles and sanctuaries situated inside the stronghold are amazing landmarks of the past. A commercial center in particular Manek Chowk is situated outside the fortress. This is the main post in India where ordinary citizens live at this point. The yellow sandstone engineering of the post entrances a voyager. The Jain sanctuaries situated inside the stronghold are flawlessly worked by the rulers.


It is a delightful Haveli known for its multifaceted latticed havelies with exteriors. It is a five-story building.

Salim Singh Ki-Haveli

Once a home of the Mohta tribe, priests of Jaisalmer rulers, Salim Singh Ki-Haveli is alluring for its blue dome rooftop.


One must visit this Haveli to investigate its multifaceted stone carvings. It looks breathtaking to the eyes of the guest.

Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower pulls in the consideration of the voyager ascending from Badal Mahal (Palace of Clouds).It is a five-layered tower with gloriously cut overhang.

Gadsisar Lake

It is a desert spring in leave. A water lake, Gadsisar is a well known excursion spot. One will be excited to appreciate a vessel ride on the lake.

Lodurva Jain sanctuaries

Recent the capital of Rawal Jaisal, Lodurva is a goal on the edges of Jaisalmer. Lodging the remainders of the antiquated township, Lodurva pulls in the voyagers. The real attractions are Jain sanctuaries worked in a novel style of engineering. It is said that the engineering of the sanctuaries have comparability with the Ranakpur Jain sanctuaries.

Sam Village and Sunset Beauty

Jaisalmer visit is deficient without a visit to Sam town. One must visit the sand ridges towns situated close Jaisalmer city. The sand ridges of Sam town are a devour to the eyes. Camel ride on the sand rises is remarkable. The dusk excellence at Sam sand rises is exceptional. Spending a night at Sand rises one can have the appeal of abandon life. Swiss camel tents are organized the sightseers.

In the event that you arrange a short excursion to Jaisalmer, you can investigate the city in two days. Bear in mind to visit the Desert National Park which is home to betray untamed life. Likewise investigate the Desert Cultural Center to investigate the ancient rarities of betray life. You can likewise set out on a camel safari visit through the parade streets. You can stay at a legacy hotel of Jaisalmer. There are a couple of hotels in the city which offer great accommodation, fine eating and different administrations.