I Said I Love You and He Didn’t Say It Back – How to Get Past This Dating Blunder

“I said I love you and he didn’t say it back.” Ouch. Discuss humiliating. The minute the words left your lips and you sat tight with goaded breath for his reaction, you had reservations. You trusted past expectation that he’d say it as well. When he said, “thank you,” or “that is sweet,” you realized that you had quite recently immovably planted your foot into your mouth. Sadly, you can’t rewind time and take the words back. They’re out there and now there’s this clumsiness among you. What’s a young lady to do in this circumstance? The absolute best move you can make may astonish you.

Your gut sense when you say I love you to a man and he doesn’t react is to apologize or come up with a rationalization for why it happened. You may feel slanted to say that you were overwhelmed with feeling at that time or maybe you’ll imagine it just slipped out. There’s truly no chance to get for you to make it vanish and discussing it will just convey more consideration regarding it, so abstain from doing that.

Clearly, he isn’t prepared to say it to you or “I love you as well,” would have taken after your declaration. You’re likely going to concentrate a great deal on that reality and it might drive you to choose to stop for a moment to chat with him about where the relationship stands. Once more, this is not prudent by any means. What he’ll likely say is that you’re correct and he’s not in love with you yet. At that point he’ll feel forced to feel things he doesn’t and you’ll feel hurt that you’ve put such a large amount of yourself into a person who doesn’t feel an indistinguishable route about you from you do about him.

Rather than over suspecting this and endeavoring to back pedal you have to advance. Forget that the words at any point left your lips. Try not to concentrate on it by any means. Rather, connect with him for entertainment only exercises that aren’t substantial or debilitating. That implies no late night sentimental meals at your place and no overnight treks to the mountains or the shoreline. Rather, go on a nature climb on a warm end of the week evening or welcome him out to an exhibition opening. You will likely make him feel great.

It’s implied that you shouldn’t be broadcasting your love to him again until he’s prepared to respond. So, guarantee that he feels that he can reveal to you anything and keep on moving the relationship a forward way. When he feels nearer to you and tells you that he loves you, you’ll know then that it’s alright for you to let him know as well.

At the point when a lady says “I love you” too early in her relationship it can harm it for eternity. In the event that you’ve done anything that has made your man pull back, there is a path for you to get his enthusiasm back at this point.