I Believe In Love

My heart skipped a beat as it excitedly beat in my chest in the wake of hearing the words, ‘I love you’! They resonated in my mind as I realized that I loved with my entire being. I had never felt this way and now I realized that : “I believed in love.”

At the point when love is returned it is like an orchestra of music coming together in a crescendo. It is like finding a fortune so profitable that you turn out to be bubbly finished what you will do with your gigantic find. It is like the most romantic love melody that requests you drop everything with a specific end goal to clutch the one you love.

Love is a feeling that binds two souls together for a lifetime. A house that is built on a foundation of love that resists anybody or anything that comes against it.

Melody of Songs 1: 2-4a, “Your lips cover me with kisses; your love is superior to wine.

There is an aroma about you; the sound of your name reviews it. No lady could keep from loving you.

Bring me with you, and we’ll flee; be my king and take me to your room. We will be glad together, drink profound, and lose ourselves in love.”

Love requests a reaction. It swells within your spirit and blasts into a fire of fire that will not go out. It influences you to confront guardians, society and societies. It is a power so solid that it enables lovers to give up everything just to passionately clutch their love.

Melody of Songs 8: 6&7, “Close your heart to each love yet mine; hold nobody in your arms however me. Love is as effective as death; passion is as solid as death itself. It burst into fire and consumes like a raging fire.

Water can’t put it out; no surge can suffocate it. In any case, if anybody tried to purchase love with his riches, hatred is all he would get.”

Love is a feeling that outperforms all understanding. It is a power that is strong to the point that when activated it can’t be denied. Love holds two individuals together and makes them one individual, a family that can face the tempests of life and win whatever fight that furies against them.

Many individuals inquire as to why love is so intense a power. Oh my goodness the tale of love. Love made the universe in the greater part of its magnificent wonder. Love emits in the hearts of man since it is not only a feeling but rather a “Deity”!

Give me a chance to explain to you the narrative of love. God is Love! Love is the motivation behind why we exist. Love is the reason man was shaped. Love is the motivation behind why our reality has life. From the earliest starting point of existence God uncovered His extremely nature through the idea of Love.

At whatever point you love someone else you are reflecting God’s identity. At whatever point your heart hops for euphoria as a result of love, you are reacting as though God were inside of your heart connecting you to the core of another. Love is like a super paste that is so solid, it can’t break.

1 John 4: 7&8, “Dear friends, let us love each other on the grounds that love originates from God. Whoever loves is a child of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

Genuine love is electrifying. It stimulates our faculties and opens our eyes to celebrating all aspects of life. It encourages us to look past a difficult activity, an illness, or the devastation of losing our home in a surge. It gives us the quality to begin our lives once more since we have somebody to share the consistently weights of life.

Knowing that God is love causes us to achieve the impossible. He keeps couples together when they have a difficult child on drugs. He enables families to survive hurricanes and wars. He gives quality when a man is urgently fighting the assaults of aids and growth. God is not simply love, He gives life in a pitiless and degenerate world.

It is so important to comprehend that God is love. His extraordinary capability salvages us when human quality has given out. Simply think of how love feels. It swells in our souls and drives us out of depression and misery. Love responds like an otherworldly stream of positive vitality. It bears destructive fires and injustices we endure in an official courtroom. Love never gives up on you and it never fails!

When we live in reality as we know it where there is so much negativity at that point understanding the difference amongst love and detest is essential. The media, television projects and radio point the finger at God for each awful thing that damages individuals. Movies and television disclose to us it’s alright to disrespect God’s name, blaming Him for the decisions that terrible folks make, all things considered, and on the silver screen.

Evil individuals who have given into the dim side of living life have no regard for love. Keep in mind, God is love! If the spirit of a man is adapted towards evil at that point love is their foe. If a television program censures God then it is showing individuals that it is not interested in genuine romance.

We are in this present reality where great and evil walk side by side. This is the motivation behind why it is so difficult to clutch love. When we don’t have God in our lives then the sum total of what we have is impermanent human love. Human love is easily enticed by the bait of someone else who needs to separate your relationship. Human love can’t keep going in light of the fact that it relies upon the binding power of Satan. Satan can’t hold love together in light of the fact that he fights against love. Keep in mind God is love.

Satan is the divine force of this world and this is the motivation behind why our reality is loaded with corruption and evil. Satan needs to decimate individuals’ lives. He needs to prevent God from reaching down from paradise and protecting love in the hearts of men.

1 John 1: 5, “Now the message that we have gotten notification from his Son and report is this: God is light, and there is no murkiness at all in him.”

This implies God can do no evil to anybody. He doesn’t hurt individuals by bringing disaster. God loves individuals and He fights for His exceptionally nature to be inside a man’s heart. His spirit causes us to face evil and to clutch love. While Satan is the immense deceiver and he needs to devastate love.

1 John 3: 10, “Here is the unmistakable difference between God’s children and the Devil’s children: any individual who does not make the wisest decision or does not love his sibling is not God’s child.”

At the point when God’s extremely nature of love abides in our souls it binds the love of two individuals together. Love is a heavenly power that gives us the quality to hold fast against anything the foe Satan can do to individuals. While Satan needs to crush our lives, God gives us the ability to win each fight that tries to come against us.

Melodies of Songs was written by King Solomon. He had a thousand wives and thoroughly understood passionate human love. Numerous Jews and theologians have interpreted this book as a correlation amongst God and the love He has for His kin.

God loves and loves individuals. He is our significant other guiding us with the hand of love through an evil world filled with despise. It is important to hold tightly to love. I believe in love, however all individuals who disrespect God and utilize His name in vain have no understanding of love!

Tune of Songs 7: 10, “I have a place with my lover, and he desires me.”

God is the lover of individuals and when we ask Him into our lives then His love turns into our defender against Satan and his evil tricks. “I Believe In love, since I believe in God!”

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