How to Replace a Light Switch

1. How to Replace a Light Switch

Switches control energy to light installations and electrical plugs or containers. Now and then they should be refreshed or replaced.

This instructional exercise will walk you through how to replace a solitary post switch, the most widely recognized switch found in the home.

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Required Tools and Materials

Neon Circuit Tester

New Switch

2. Turn off Power

Turn off energy to the circuit sustaining the switch. You do this by setting off to your electrical administration board and either expelling the wire or turning off the electrical switch sustaining energy to the switch.

Backpedal to the switch and flip the switch to affirm that power has been turned off.

3. Force Old Switch from Electrical Box

Evacuate the little screws holding switch cover plate.

Evacuate the two little screws holding the old switch to the switch box. A multi-head screwdriver works extraordinary for this.

Delicately haul out the old switch being mindful so as not to split the old wiring.

4. Disengage and Remove Switch

Once the switch is pulled from the crate, check the wiring for condition and legitimate markings.

Broaden the old switch from the case enough to get to the dark wires joined to the old switch. Switches dependably associate with hot (dark) wires. Now and again, you may locate a white wire with the end taped dark meaning it is filling in as a hot (dark) wire. Or, on the other hand you may locate a white wire associated with the switch. In the event that that is the situation, the earlier circuit tester did not legitimately stamp the wire and it ought to be set apart as a dark wire. Wrap the end with dark electrical tape in the wake of disengaging.

Separate the old switch by disengaging the two dark wires that associate with the switch.

You don’t do anything with the current neutral(white) wires or ground (green or exposed copper) wires.

5. Put in New Switch

Introducing the new switch is genuinely basic:

On the off chance that the switch box wiring has an uncovered ground wire, interface it to the green terminal screw on the switch.

Associate the two hot (dark) wires to the two metal terminals on the new switch.

Delicately drive the new switch over into the container.

Attach the switch to the crate with the two long screws at the best and base of the switch.

6. Append Switch Cover Plate

At long last, you simply join the switch cover plate and turn the electrical switch back on to give control back to the switch.