How to Remove a Dishwasher

1. Presentation and First Steps

This tutorial shows how to disengage an old dishwasher and remove it, a basic stride before you can introduce another dishwasher.

Trouble Level

  • Simple

Tools and Materials You Will Need

  • Channel-sort forceps
  • Screwdrivers

The initial steps are simple ones– normally:

Stop the water. Find the shutoff valve controlling the water line to the dishwasher. Normally, this will be situated under the kitchen sink and will be connected to the heated water pipe, or to a two-way shutoff valve that controls water both to the spigot and to the dishwasher.

Close off the power. Locate the electric line that gives energy to the dishwasher and unplug it. Before you continue, make certain that you have killed both water and energy to the dishwasher.

In uncommon occurrences, you may find that your dishwasher has been “hard-wired” into an electrical circuit, and is not connected to an outlet by any stretch of the imagination. If so, you may need to call a circuit tester to do the detachment. Unless you have involvement with electrical work, it may not be something you need to endeavor.

2. Separate the Water Supply

Before you can remove the dishwasher, you should separate the two pipes that associate it to the pipes framework. The first of these is the water supply line.

On the off chance that you have a committed shutoff valve, the wellspring of the association is clear. At the point when the dishwasher is tied into the high temp water side of the sink, you should follow the pipe to make sure that you are disengaging the correct one. Utilize channel-sort forceps to separate the dishwasher supply tube from the outlet on the shutoff valve.

3. Disengage the Drain Line

The dishwasher is likewise tied into the pipes framework by means of the deplete line. Find the elastic hose originating from the dishwasher and follow it to the end association. It might be calculated up to associate with an air hole fitting mounted to the sink or countertop. Provided that this is true, slacken the clasp holding it to the air hole, and isolate the hose.

  • Tip: the air hole is a wellbeing gadget intended to keep squander water from guiding over into the dishwasher and defiling clean dishes. Great pipes hone requires there to be an air hole, yet by and by, it is here and there discarded. On the off chance that it is absent, you may see that the deplete hose has been circled up to close to the top of the base bureau under the sink and secured there. This is another approach to attempt and forestall back siphoning, however it is not so effective as an air hole. When it comes time to introduce another dishwasher, you will need to introduce the air hole fitting.

On the off chance that the deplete hose does not hurried to an air hole, it will end at an areola fitting on the nourishment disposer or sink deplete rear end. Provided that this is true, disengage the hose now.

4. Disengage the Dishwasher from the Mounting Brackets

The dishwasher is held set up by a few mounting sections screwed into the countertop over the dishwasher. Open the dishwasher entryway and look under the lip of the kitchen counter to discover the sections. Remove the fastens holding the dishwasher put.

5. Lower The Dishwasher

Prior to the dishwasher can be moved out of its area, you should bring down it by unscrewing the legs.

Begin by evacuating the faceplate that is situated on the lower some portion of the dishwasher confront. Infrequently there are mounting fastens that hold it put; on different models, the faceplate might be in held set up with straightforward spring cuts.

Once the faceplate is removed, you will see the legs of the dishwasher. Turning the strung legs clockwise will bring down the body of the dishwasher. Let it down as low as it will go to make space between the top of the dishwasher and the bottom of the countertop.

6. Remove The Dishwasher

Slide the dishwasher out of its cupboard via precisely hauling it straight out of the cupboard. You will in all probability need to lift it somewhat to clear the edge of the floor covering since the dishwasher more often than not sits straightforwardly on the subfloor.

  • To abstain from scratching the floor, lift marginally as you haul the dishwasher out of the cupboard. You might need to secure the deck with a canvas drop fabric or daily papers and you extricate the machine.
  • You are presently prepared to buy and introduce another dishwasher.