How to Kiss a Girl on the First Date

Have you generally wondered about the most ideal approach to kiss a girl? Most folks can kiss, however there’s dependably a period in a man’s life when he gets rejected and the girl snaps her head back, prompting shame and a major opening in your inner self. Here’s a total guide on how to kiss a girl on the first date in a way that she won’t decrease you!

Going for a kiss is an alarming minute for generally folks.

Much the same as the underlying first conversation, and simply like when you request her phone number, it is that vital point where you could be rejected.

How to kiss a girl on the first date

Most folks will talk for a couple of minutes or hours and after that jump in to kiss a girl on the first date, not knowing precisely how to kiss a girl.

Knowing the key minutes previously bolting lips is similarly as imperative as recollecting your own name. So kissing specialists have concocted 5 simple instructions to enable you to know how to kiss a girl on the first date. Give the lip a chance to benefit start!

#1 The touch before the kiss

Touch her hand and her arms in a significantly more arousing way than you typically would. While conversing with her, stress on her arousing spots like her lower arm and upper arm.

This is the ideal approach to make her vibe calm and agreeable. On the off chance that she makes the most of your erotic touches, move your hands up to play with her hair, by gradually going from the arms up to the neck, then ear cartilage, moving gradually into her hair.

Twiddle her hair and don’t begin unsettling it up like she’s a puppy. Be delicate.

#2 Stop talking before you kiss a girl

Stop your gibberish discoursed, and gradually advise her of your intentions by taking a gander at her mouth which will show that you need to continue this conversation noiselessly with your lips. Don’t stick your tongue out like a gasping canine. Keep yourself formed. You don’t need her to believe you will lick her.

#3 Make eye to eye connection

In the event that you need to know how to kiss a girl and need to make sense of if she’s prepared, look once, and check whether she glances back at you for longer than five seconds. On the off chance that it’s any less, it’s undeniable your look at her didn’t convince her. You have to backpedal to step 1! Your eyes should look delicate. You’re a lost puppy. She may go modest, however hold the look and let your eyes convey that you’re prepared.

#4 Tease her with kisses

Don’t go for the slaughter at this time. You’re doing truly well so you have to prod your prey by kissing her cheek and her neck on one side of her face. She will need to kiss you, yet brush your lips over hers and abstain from kissing her and move onto the other side of her neck. The inclination and tension you’re making for her will be titillating, transforming her hormones into groans.

#5 The kiss of joy

The genuine mystery behind knowing how to kiss a girl on the first date is to take it moderate. Move your left hand to her lower back gradually, holding her delicately, yet not all that delicately that she could tip over in the event that she laid her weight on your hand! Your correct hand ought to be on her neck. Tilt your go to one side (or left in case you’re a lefty), and close your eyes just before your lips connect. Move into her and let your lips part towards her. You are presently formally the Kissing King of the Jungle. Not exclusively would you be able to kiss effortlessly, you can gladly stroll around realizing that you know only the correct approach to give a chick the Kiss of Bliss.


1. Check your breath before you kiss. The exact opposite thing you need is being rejected for possessing an aroma similar to rubbish.

2. Don’t compel yourself onto her. You could wind up with a bruised eye and sore gonads.

3. Don’t French kiss until the point that she begins utilizing her tongue. Keep in mind, when kissing a girl, she is constantly right. You may have started the move to kiss, yet let her work with it.

Go on and pucker your lips, loverboy. Since you know how to kiss a girl on the first date, there’s no more rejection after this one!