How to Get Your Ex Back – Conquer Your Inner Bully and Increase the Chance of Winning Back Your Ex

How would you get your ex back? Consider something you should not do. This subject might be excruciating for you to peruse on the off chance that it applies to you in even the littlest way. However, you will experience some agony to get your ex back and live respectively in agreement, right? Take a full breath and we should dive into an agonizing subject.

You Cannot Let the Inner Bully Win

You can’t act the piece of a bully on the off chance that you ever expect to get your ex back. What does a bully do? A bully doesn’t give anybody credit yet themselves and they dismantle every other person’s thoughts and activities. Lexicon website characterizes a bully as “a raving, contentious, domineering individual who constantly badgers and scares littler or weaker individuals.” Let’s dismantle that definition and take a gander at it all the more intently.

A bully is uproarious and loud. They start a ruckus without a moment’s notice and fight about the most immaterial things. I particularly like the way the Bible depicts a bully: “one who pushes with the shoulder.” Do you push against your adored one or do you have a genuine give-and-take relationship?

A bully doesn’t tune in. How can they? They rush to quibble, shout, and sling allegations that they don’t teach themselves to hold their tongues. They invest the greater part of their energy going to war with their accomplice. They think they are winning, however they are losing. They find exactly how much they have lost when their accomplice exits the entryway and won’t have whatever else to do with them. That is the thing that winning looks like for the bully: alone and loaded with laments.

A bully is constantly right. Regardless of how little the debate, they are correct and they will win the contention. Something in a bully’s cosmetics or background is wound. They trust that continually winning demonstrates they are solid. Or then again, they accept continually winning will shield them from feeling second rate or from getting hurt. They are incorrect. Continually winning is losing. Continually winning will end in everybody getting hurt.

A bully scares. That must be the inverse of an adoring and minding nature. You’ll never win the ex back if there is any piece of your conduct that resembles that of a bully. You and your adored one ought to be accomplices with each of you giving a whole 100 for each penny to the relationship. A bully can’t relate that way and dependably loses at affection. Truth be told, a bully is never adored and a bully is unequipped for cherishing while at the same time being a bully.

So Look Deep to See If You Act Like a Bully

On the off chance that this fits you, I promise you that you can’t get your cherished one back by rehashing the bullying conduct that split you two up. That implies you need to check whether this applies to you. Do you act like a bully in your association with your cherished one?

Get a stack of paper and a pencil and audit your association with your friends and family. Record a few episodes where you two differ and had words. Particularly incorporate the circumstances when your accomplice either got boisterous and stepped away or ended up noticeably noiseless and pulled back from the contention. Recollecting, did you feel at the time as though you had won? Assuming this is the case, you might be a bully since it isn’t tied in with winning and losing yet about adoring and adding to each other. You ought to be a group of two rather than two boxers in a ring slugging it out.

Compose phrases you utilized regularly and check whether you can discover an example of bullying words. You know bullying words in light of the fact that there is an incredible probability that you have been harassed at some time amid your lifetime. Verbally abusing, coordinating words, disparaging words, and gloating are on the whole examples of utilizing words to bully. In any case, don’t disregard quiet as a bullying system moreover. Quiet can be the cruelest weapon of all as it sends a solid message of uselessness to the expected target.

Bear in mind to request a fair evaluation from your companions. Make certain to focus on voice tone and non-verbal communication. For example, on the off chance that they deny you are a bully however appear as though they are holding their breath, trusting you won’t separate, you likely have your answer.

On the off chance that you reach the conclusion you have been acting the piece of a bully, the next advance is the hardest one of all.

Starve the Bully by Choosing a Different Kind of Strength

In the event that you have been bullying in your association with your cherished one and you need to alter your way of life, consider how it influences you to feel. It is likely that, for the transient, bullying influences you to feel solid and in control. Yet, that is beguiling. Bullying conduct prompts losing every one of the connections that are unforgettable to you. Bullying is a false quality. Quality that originates from pounding another person isn’t genuine quality and it won’t bring bliss.

Genuine quality includes lowliness and the capacity to request pardoning. The issue is that, to a bully, the genuine quality of quietude and remorse feels feeble. It isn’t powerless, yet it feels frail. This takes some reliable consideration regarding overcome.

It’s somewhat amusing, would it say it isn’t? Filling the role of a bully has a craving for being solid while humble and apologetic words from a genuine heart may have a craving for being powerless however will be solid according to your adored one. In any case, as you keep on starving the bully inside and nourish the true and minding singular you need to be, the last conduct will feel like the genuine, solid activity it is.


You can’t phony this. On the off chance that you attempt to act like you are modest and penitent without an adjustment in your comprehension and in your heart, you will drive you adored one more distant from you than some time recently. Try not to do it. Get some treatment, implore, chat with dear companions or relatives and work on this until the point when you are really sad for your conduct before you ever approach your ex to request absolution. Be that as it may, if your eyes have been opened about your conduct and you will buckle down on being obliging, mindful, and adoring, probably approach your ex to discuss the subject.

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