You simply traded numbers with your crush – now what? Sending that first text message can cause some real uneasiness, however when done right, it can likewise be super fun. Sort your way into your crush’s heart with these fun and flirty text thoughts.

1. Text an Inside Joke

The most ideal approaches to break the ice with your new crush is to jab fun at something you two discussed earlier or gently bother them about something they said. Bear in mind to utilize LOL emoticons so they know you’re kidding.

2. Be Bold

Some of the time you gotta let the other individual know you’re intrigued. In the event that you need to get nearer to your crush, at that point attempt a message like, “Accompany me to Gabby’s gathering 2nite! I’ll bring the chips, u bring your charming adorkable self!” No amusements, no speculating.

3. Send a Silly Snap

In the event that you truly need to get inventive with your crush, consider sending them sweet – or senseless — Snaps for the duration of the day. Snap a pic of crisp blooms and inscription it with: “These are for you!” Or perhaps snap a senseless selfie to influence them to grin. Odds are they’ll give back where its due!

4. Compliment Them

A basic compliment goes far in getting – and keeping — somebody’s consideration. After your first authority hang session, send something like, “Had an awesome time the previous evening! We should hang out again soon!” Add smiley faces for reward sweetness.

5. Abandon Them Guessing

A little riddle includes only the perfect measure of interest and show that will leave your crush wanting additional time, and texts, from you. Provoke their enthusiasm with a flirty, “Had a fantasy about you the previous evening!” Don’t reveal to them the fantasy; rather portray it with emoticons. They’ll be contemplating it – and you – throughout the day.