How to Flirt With a Girl: The Top 4 Ways

Do you really know how to flirt with a girl?

Today I want to acquaint you with the four most capable ways to flirt with a girl… which will make your game take a stage up.

Why Flirting is a Very Useful to Seduce a Girl

To flirt means to tease, to needle, to arouse each other.

Through flirting we create a complicity wich is fundamental for establishing a sensual association.

Flirting is what allows you to create attraction in a woman. There are many ways to flirt with a girl and behind any of them diverse dynamics, yet the basic rule is always the same.

Flirting is a superbly natural practice and you will see that once you have understand what it will be it will be for you an extremely spontaneous attitude.

How to Flirt with a Girl

Beneath you’ll discover 4 great ways of flirting, with an explaination to the point together with a few examples.

The example sentences are to be articulated in a decent/winking/playful tone, this is important: the tone is more important than the sentence itself (surprisingly better in the event that you utilize your non-verbal communication too). In the event that you don’t utilize a suitable tone you could sound odd, annoying or irritating.

1. Push and Pull

Push and draw is the best way in flirting with a girl.

It comprises in saying/accomplishing something pleasant and then saying/accomplishing something which ought to be unpleasant, or the other way around.

Here are a few examples:

You: “You know, you sound intriguing… I should be smashed!”

You: “You are clever… too bad then that you are touchy”

You give her a little push on the shoulder and then you put you arm around her shoulders.

2. Misunderstandings

You misconstrue something that she does or says, imagining that she is attempting to lure you.

Here are a few examples:

She: “Get me a drink!”

You: “You want to get me a drink? Thank you, it’s really pleasant of you”

She investigates your eyes.

You: “Well, darling, let us get straight to the point: I am not only a body, i have emotions, stop taking a gander at me along these lines!”

She: “You are clever”

You: “Go ahead, you can improve the situation than this, you should be more positive about endeavoring to allure me: for example you could get me a drink or do a streaptease”

3. Pretending Games

This is without a doubt the most versatile instrument you can have, with pretending games in temptation you can do almost anything you want on the off chance that you know how to present it.

With this sort of flirting, parts are established among you.

It can be any thing.

In any case, the most valuable are those where an emotional association is understood among you, for example as amongst spouse and husband.

Here are a few examples:

You: “You are adorable, how about we get married!”, and that’s the place you start playing the couple.

You: “You should cover your neck, there could be a few vampires around here”, at that point you could nibble her neck.

You: “Look, this is not working, I want a separation!”, at that point you could marry her again, recall when you were married, and so forth…

4. Teasing

It probably happened to you many circumstances to tease a companion interestingly… this is exactly what i mean.

Here are a few examples:

After she showed some intrigue.

You: “What a pity that I don’t care for provocative women… ” after you told you locate her hot a couple of minutes prior.

You read her palm

You: “That’s fascinating… ”

She: “What?”

You: “It says you are idiotic”

You: “I should locate a decent doctor that can take care of you… ”


Presently you know how to flirt with a girl… and as you can see, all techniques are extremely spontaneous, basic and amusing… and they can really make her crazy! Make the best utilization of them 😉😉😉

… and have fun!

In the event that you want to jump further into these ways of flirting and learn them really well, I encourage you to take our practical guide 7 Steps to Success with Women in which we teach you how to flirt with a girl with practices that will make you better and better at flirting.

See you soon.