How to Cook With Juniper Berries


Juniper berries are the key seasoning in gin, which was initially known as jenever (“juniper”) and was produced in the Netherlands. Juniper berries were utilized as a part of cooking and for restorative purposes in antiquated Egypt, old Greece, and old Rome, and have been found in India and other Asian societies also.

Juniper has a superbly piney taste with citrus overtones (in some cases contrasted with rosemary) and is a typical fixing in German sustenance.

An outstanding Alsatian dish, choucroute garnie, contains sauerkraut with hotdog and potatoes, prepared with pepper and juniper berries.

Different Uses of the Juniper Berry

The juniper berry, notwithstanding being a mainstream flavor, has for quite some time been utilized as a part of many societies for its therapeutic properties. It’s a compelling diuretic and is accepted to help relieve symptoms of joint inflammation. Juniper berries have been utilized both as a hunger stimulant and a craving suppressant, contingent upon the way of life.

Some Native American tribes have even utilized juniper berries as a prophylactic. However, juniper berries are not prescribed for pregnant ladies since it’s trusted they may cause uterine constrictions.

What the hell Are Juniper Berries?

Juniper berries aren’t really berries; they’re the small cones of the juniper bramble (a relative of the famous finishing bush). Most juniper berries utilized as a part of formulas originate from the species Juniperus communis, a plant that develops in northern atmospheres.

Note that not all juniper berries are consumable, so don’t go pulling them off a shrub unless you’re certain they’re the protected kind.

Juniper berries are best when they’re crisp, so on the off chance that you can’t locate a neighborhood advertise that habitually reorders the zest, check on the web.

How to Prepare Juniper Berries

In the event that you need a solid juniper fragrance and flavor to your dish, pounding new berries previously adding them to a sauce or marinade is the approach.

For a more unobtrusive flavor, you can toast the berries, yet be mindful so as not to consume them or they’ll taste intense.

To pound the berries, put a tablespoon or so in a zippered pack and daintily crush them with a meat hammer, mallet or wine bottle. Once they’re smoothed, dump them on a cutting board and hack them finely with a gourmet expert’s blade before adding to your dish or marinade.

What to Cook With Juniper Berries

Juniper is normally utilized with sheep (or mutton) and is especially great with venison, wild hog, and even local pork. You could even add them to a pot of bean stew, to give a rural flavor that supplements ground smoked chile peppers. Juniper is additionally a decent seasoning to use with cook duck.

To bring out juniper berries’ slight citrus enhance, most formulas require another natural product, for example, apples or prunes to be included. You can rub pounded juniper berries into a meat of your picking before broiling it. Include somewhat ginger or garlic to the rub for an exquisite flavor. Or, then again you can stew the berries previously marinating or seasoning the meat with them.