History Runs Deep in Biggar, South Lanarkshire

Biggar is a market town in South Lanarkshire, which is in Scotland. At 200m above ocean level, it is close to the River Clyde. It is a truly provincial region with just around two thousand occupants. Because it is country, however, don’t think it is exhausting with nothing to do. That couldn’t be all the more distant from reality.

Its history runs deeps with the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway. It kept running from 1860 to 1953. The flag box and station are in reality still there however the line has been worked over. There are currently houses on top of the old rail line.

To archive its past, Biggar has a couple of historical centers. There is the Moat Park Heritage Center, Greenhill covenanters Museum, Gladstone Court Museum and the Biggar Gasworks Museum. The latter is the main gas works still safeguarded in Scotland today. It made gas from coal from 1836 to 1973. The Biggar Museum Trust deals with the historical centers.

Some renowned individuals that have lived in Biggar are Hugh MacDiarmid and Ian Hamilton Finlay. Dorothy Dunnetts books are set in Biggar. The town is perfectly depicted in her books. It is a significant well known town for such a low populace.

Since Biggar is in the middle of the waterway Clyde and the stream Tweed, it has been a town since Mesolithic time. The principle street was even a Roman street at one time. The history runs somewhere down in Biggar.

Today Biggar is a beautiful town that moves upward from west to east. It takes after the old Roman street. There are a lot of little privately run shops and it is an incredible place to peruse and stroll along the wonderful avenues. There are additionally numerous hotels and bistros which make this an incredible place to visit. Numerous visitor adore resulting in these present circumstances town when going by southern Scotland.