Happy Holidays Friends

A sweet happy holiday to my companions

For every one of them who are far and close to my spirit

For each one of those recollections we shared together

Or, then again, will partake in future time immemorial

A sweet happy holiday to my darling companions

Like early morning flying creature flying south in winter

I wish you adore in your life at whatever point and wherever

May the maker favors you with all your imperative wishes

May the candles never consume to death

May the excellence of your happy grin never blur

I wish you adore in your life at whatever point and wherever

Life is unceasing and your companionship has motivated part to share

I am not going to overlook your adoration as I have recollected numerous

Indeed, even I may overlook some of those bright, “social gatherings”

I will always remember every one of you being “so close” and “clever”

Life is everlasting and your companionship has inspired parcel to share

When we used to battle about littler issues

Gathering cash and drinking together

When we used to share our bitterness drinking tea close old hotels

Helping each other with assignments

Feeling exhausted with never showing signs of change atmospheres

Those brilliant circumstances will never again come, adored companions

In any case, I will at present recollect that you simply being there

Looking towards each other and splitting jokes to each other

Happy holidays to my darling companions

For the time being, always in time everlasting

It is possible that you have a place here or you live in different terrains

Fellowship goes a long ways past any terrains or limits

Our affection will remain always coasting

Like the twist in the desolate leave

Simply need to drop few lines and say

Happy, happy holidays to my adored companions

Either close or far, either on the Internet or in some remote terrains

Either close me or never with me

I know all of you have a place close with me

Happy holidays to my everything adored companions