Golden Sands, Bulgaria – The Place to Be This Summer

Have you at any point known about Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria? The appropriate response is most likely “No” unless you are from eastern Europe or Bulgaria.

However, this year it is prompted you investigate this delightful resort with astounding hotels and beach environment. Golden Sands is the place to be this year. It is situated on the Black Sea and has long perfect, sandy beaches with many water exercises accessible for all ages.

Golden Sands holidays are winding up plainly more prominent consistently and British Tourists have begun to pioneer it and prescribe it to loved ones.

You might not have known about it but rather Sunny Beach is extremely mainstream and many have gone to. On the off chance that you have you would know how bustling Sunny Beach has turned out to be throughout the years. Brimming with tourists and extremely bustling environment. So in the event that you wish to be in a prevalent resort with every one of the advantages however somewhat more space to breath then Golden Sands Holidays offer only that. The resort offers what Sunny Beach used to offer; Sun Sea, Sand and an incredible night-life however without the congestion.

Holidays to this resort offer awesome climate and it can get exceptionally hot in summer months particularly July and August. It is prompted that you convey a sun moisturizer with you at all circumstances on the off chance that you wish to secure your skin. Try not to stress, you are ensured to get a tan in any case. Simply ensure you don’t consume.

Night-life is likewise awesome. From the many drift bars and dance club to littler caffes and eateries open until the early hours of the morning, you are just ensured a decent time.

The resort is arranged 18 kilometers north of the city of Varna where you can book flights to from most UK Airports. The resort is additionally situated close to the Golden Sands National Park.

Holidays here are flawless as this is a glorious resort, the biggest one on the Northern Black Sea drift, with excellent lush slopes, white golden beach with perfectly clear sand and clear blue ocean.