When we lose something critical to us, similar to a key or a telephone, we go to broad lengths to discover it. Do we do a similar when we lose our faith? We should.

When you lose a key, or your telephone, or your child’s most loved teddy bear, what do you do?

1. You understand you have lost it and marginally freeze.

2. You check out the quick region.

3. In the event that you don’t see it there, you backtrack your means.

4. In the event that regardless you can’t discover it, you ask other individuals, who may have seen it, to enable you to discover it.

5. You search for whatever length of time that it takes since that thing is fundamental to you.

6. In the event that you don’t discover it after all that, you may feel crushed and tragic. Then, and at exactly that point, do you much consider supplanting what it was you lost.

Prepare to be blown away. These same strides can be utilized when you lose your declaration of one or all parts of your faith.

To begin with, you will understand that something is missing. You don’t feel that “fire” like you used to. You discover you have questions — a great deal of them. You think about whether you at any point truly knew God was genuine or that Jesus is your Savior or if certain books of sacred text are valid.

There are numerous alternatives you can pick as you understand you have lost your faith, however the best choice; the main choice that will lead you to your true objective of finding your faith is the key to think about your life. Ponder the endowments you have and on the integrity you see due to the faith you have lived by.

In the event that you can’t see that since you have been gradually disconnecting for quite a while, you ought to backtrack your means, which means think back upon your past. Consider exceptional circumstances that you showed faith, made a pledge to God, felt the Holy Spirit, felt a supplication replied. Maybe you will need to record those things.

You may address if your uncommon profound encounters of the past were a lie. Endeavor to recollect that every individual on this planet, including you, has a soul, an inborn goodness, and the light of Christ inside. On the off chance that you felt peace and euphoria in those minutes, it wasn’t a lie.

Maybe, however, you truly battle trusting that what you once felt was truly right. That is the point at which you can converse with others. You can converse with loved ones who do have their faith, and who can vouch for you. Above all, you can, and should, cooperative with your Heavenly Father. Spill out your heart to Him genuinely, earnestly, and submissively. Request His direction, for His adoration, for His soul to rest upon you and encompass you. Request that he enable you to recollect, and to affirm to you reality you once knew.

You may lose heart in the event that you attempt these things, and nothing causes you discover your faith. Be understanding. Continue looking. Read your sacred texts, keep on praying, quick, and converse with the individuals who will help lead you back to your faith, rather than push you far from it. Fleeing from what you lost won’t enable you to discover it. Truth be told, it unquestionably promises you never will.

This technique will work on the off chance that you will hear God’s answer. In the event that you as of now have your mind made up, you will never have the capacity to hear His voice.

Much of the time, step six, supplanting your lost faith with something different, won’t be a need as long as you make the initial five strides genuinely and sacredly. Be that as it may, in the event that you have done the majority of the other strides with full reason for heart, despite everything you don’t discover your faith, maybe God is letting you know there is more out there for you. Simply recollect that it is in God you should trust on the off chance that you wish to discover and nourish your faith yet again.

To every one of you who are confounded and unfit to discover your way, there is expectation, and you can find the solutions you look for.