Explore Historic Pigeon Island: Home of The Landings St Lucia

Staggering sea sees, amazing scenes and noteworthy pioneer fortresses, Pigeon Island epitomizes the persona and sentiment of St Lucia.

Situated on St Lucia’s staggering upper east drift, Pigeon Island is one of the nation’s most pleasant and notable spots.

A scrambling of pilgrim posts and armies, extravagance resorts like The Landings St Lucia, and stunning perspective calls attention to over the Caribbean to neighboring island Martinique make Pigeon Island an incredible place to visit and a considerably all the more enticing spot to remain.

The History of Pigeon Island

As the name recommends, this used to be a little island off the shoreline of St Lucia which was just associated with the terrain back in the 1972 when the administration assembled a boulevard from unearthed silt from the nearby Rodney Bay.

In any case, Pigeon Island’s sensational history backpedals substantially more remote than this and is to a great extent connected to its astounding area with perspectives out over the Caribbean. The main noteworthy references to the island are back in the sixteenth century when it is portrayed as the place from which French privateer Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg) kept an eye on, and after that propelled his assaults on, passing Spanish boats.

By the eighteenth Century British Admiral George Rodney had started to value the island’s extraordinary key vantage call attention to its perspectives out crosswise over Martinique. In 1778 he had constructed a stronghold, army and sleeping enclosure from which to screen the French armada positioned at the neighboring island.

Today, guests to Pigeon Island can in any case stroll around Fort Rodney Hill and explore the disintegrating stays of the army, fortress and a kitchen going back to 1824. As yet standing, the abandoned encampment significantly inspire the island’s military past.

The association with the past runs directly through Pigeon Island including the extravagance shoreline estates of The Landings, St Lucia, where inhabitants can lie back and appreciate an indistinguishable view from Jambe de Bois did almost 500 years prior.

Things to Do

The individuals who live in one of Pigeon Island’s elite resort properties, similar to the wonderful manors of The Landings St Lucia, can without much of a stretch explore the island’s memorable charms with delicate trails around its previous stronghold. The more enthusiastic will be remunerated for a short climb to the highest point of Signal Peak, the island’s most elevated point, with a stunning 360º perspective of St Lucia on one side and Martinique on the other.

Toward the finish of April/start of May, Pigeon Island plays host to the St Lucia Jazz Festival in which performers from around the globe meet up for a festival of unrecorded music and Jazz.


Set in the shielded surroundings of Rodney Bay, the delightful shoreline at The Landings, St Lucia offers the ideal spot on Pigeon Island for swimming and snorkeling. The resort additionally offers a full scope of water games including cruising and arrive sports including tennis, swimming pools and a cutting edge exercise center and spa.