Exercises For Lower Abs – The Captain’s Chair

The lower abs zone is a feeble spot for many individuals. It is a section of your body where the muscles are regularly less normally conditioned and in which there is frequently a disturbing layer of fat. One of the fundamental challenges of those who wish to have level and sexy abs is the means by which to get the lower abs muscles into shape.

Extraordinary compared to other lower abs exercises I know is the Captain’s Chair exercise. This exercise can truly get those lower abs working and abandon you with that shivering aftertaste of muscular exertion.

On the off chance that you don’t comprehend what is the Captain’s Chair, it’s that bottomless chair with the cushioned arms rests, dangling from a bar in your rec center.

Keeping in mind the end goal to play out the Captain’s Chair exercise effectively stick to the accompanying guidelines:

Start Position: Sit in the Captain’s chair with your knees nestled into of you and at a ninety degree point to your body.

Movement: Slowly convey your knees to your body until the point when they are almost touching your chest. Hold. Slowly lower your knees to a ninety degree point. Rehash.


1. Make a point to hold your back pressed against the back rest of the Captain’s Chair consistently, don’t curve your lower back

2. Keep your head and neck casual and quiet

3. Try to inhale continuously and at a direct pace

4. For increased intensity, hold a dumbell between your ankles to add some weight to your legs when you lift them towards your chest.

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