El Medano

The town El Médano is situated in the Granadilla de Abona district on the Tenerife Island which is one of the Canary Islands. The word El Médano actually implies the Sand Dune. This place is in the south bank of Tenerife and is at a short separation from the airplane terminal; this is the coolest resort on the island.

The twist in this place is exceptionally solid, accordingly making it a perfect place for rivalries in windsurfing; however the wind control has diminished due to the tall structures – lofts and hotels. Regardless of this, this place is as yet famous on the planet for kitesurfing windsurfing spots. It has 3 distinct spots for windsurfing and these are the Bay, the Harbor Wall and Cabezo beach.

Two of the biggest characteristic beaches in Tenerife are – Playa Tejita and Playa Grande and El Médano is arranged close to these beaches. The Red Mountain is a volcanic cone that is situated between the two beaches and it has been announced as a secured characteristic hold.

Sibling Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur invested some of his energy in the give in situated in the town. Henceforth the give in is devoted to this holy person and made as a little hallowed place.

The most essential qualities of El Médano are as per the following.

Solid winds clearing the resort that draw in surfers to an expansive degree

3 KM long brilliant common sand beaches running along its drift

Nudist beaches that are most mainstream and the best in Tenerife


1. Playa El Médano – is a beach with brilliant sands and is situated at the town focus; the families adore this beach. There is a play area for youngsters and it turns out to be extremely occupied after school shutting time. Grown-ups invest energy in the bistros eating tapas and drinking espresso. Montana Roja region in this place is vital for its winged animal haven and is being considered as an exceptional normal save and furthermore a critical universal fledgling region. More than 100 types of winged creatures can be found in this place despite the fact that they come at various circumstances.

2. Playa La Tejita – is the most excellent and regular beach that can without much of a stretch be gotten to from this town by walk. At the outrageous end, one inlet is made as a nudist beach.

3. Playa Machado – is at the western end of the resort providing food basically to surfers.

4. Playa de La Pelada – beach is at the easternmost piece of the resort and situated at the foot of the mountain Pelada and is one of the best nudist beaches in Tenerife.

5. Playa El Cabezo – beach is situated on the resort’s eastern side where the winds are more grounded, accordingly making it perfect for windsurfing and kite boarding. Universal rivalries are held in this place.