Durga Puja

Quick Facts

Event: Durga Puja.

Area: West Bengal

Celebration Time: September-October

Legend or Deity: Goddess Durga

Popular Rituals: Mahasasthi, Mahasaptmai, Mahanavami, Vijaydashmi.

Foods: Luchi, Begun Bhaja, Chanar Dal, Khichdi, Payasam, Alurdam.

Voyagers Attractions: Immersion of the icons, Cultural projects, Jatras, chariot parades, Animal Sacrifices.

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Durga Puja

Durga puja is an extremely mainstream celebration of Indian that is commended in many parts of the nation. Amid this 9 days festivity, goddess Durga is worshiped. The celebration of Durga Puja is praised everywhere throughout the nation, it is commended exceptionally in the eastern states like West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam and Tripura. Different sorts of pandals (temporary structures) are made amid this celebration. The statues of goddess Durga perfectly finished in these pandals. Different reverential tunes and religious move rivalries are held in these pandals in which Arti move rivalry is the most well known. Unique celebration dishes, reverential melodies and designs are the crucial piece of this celebration. This celebration mirrors the triumph of good over the malicious constrain. Durga Puja more often than not falls in the time of September/October.


As per the Hindu mythology, devil Mahishasur was making issues for the divine beings and their lord. At that point Indra asked for sacred trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to spare them from evil spirit. They thusly looked for celestial help of mother Durga, who fitted with deadly weapons and riding on savage lion, murdered evil spirit Mahishasur. In this way, Durga puja is a genuine festival of the triumph of good over the wickedness. This celebration praises life, custom and culture estimations of India.

Durga Puja is touched base with the Mahalaya which is really the main period of sickle moon in Ashwin (as per the Hindu date-book). On this very day the enthusiasts rises at a young hour in the morning and goes to the goddess Durga. The general population use to accept to see the outward appearance of Goddess Durga in the still water which is known as Tarpan.

After the festival of Mahalaya seven days after the puja begins which is known as Mahashasthi. This Mahasasthi takes after Mahasaptami, Mahaasthami, Mahanavami and puja winds up with Vijaydashmi.

Attraction and Celebration

The celebration of Durga Puja is commended in everywhere throughout the nation on an amazing scale. The real attraction in the celebration is the social projects like Jatra, society moves, tunes shankh rivalry are led by the neighborhood puja groups. The great devour is additionally sorted out for the general population. The custom of creature yield is likewise performed in which Buffalo give up is performed upon the arrival of Mahaashtami. Each pendal group sorts out the devour which incorporates Khichdi, Payasam, Mix Vegetables, Roshogulla and Chutney.

New shining garments, grinning confronts, moving aficionados, chantings of Mantras, astonishing presentation of lights and the musical beat of dhak (drums) all turn into the piece of great Durga puja festivity. On the tenth day of the celebration that is Vijay Dashami (tenth day), the symbol of goddess Durga is inundated in the waterway or lake with full standard ceremonies. This denote the finish of this magnificent celebration.

Achieving West Bengal amid Durga Puja

Via Air: Major Indian urban communities that is Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai is associated with Kolkata by means of both by the International and local.

By Railways: The place Kolkata has two railroad stations that is Sealdah and Howarh. Another railroad station that is New Jalpaiguri which is close to Jalpaiguri.

By Road: Roadways of Kolkata is associated with the state parkways and national thruways both through private mentors and state transports.