Cox’bazaar, the Home of Natural Beauty

Cox’s bazaar, beforehand named ‘Palonki’, is a standout amongst the most essential traveler spots of Bangladesh. It is a safe house of regular excellence. Bangladesh is procuring a considerable measure of outside money from sightseers going by here.

In the event that we investigate the history, we see that Arakan rulers up to the mid nineteenth century led this zone. In any case, for a brief period it was controlled by Mughol sovereign Shah Suza when he vanquished Bengal. He was so astonished to see the characteristic excellence of this region that he stopped here for some days on his approach to Arakan. Presently the name of the zone where he stopped is Dulahazra, which means a thousand of palanquins as there were around a thousand of palanquins with him. Amid the organization govern in India, the ruler change the name of this region from “Palonki” to ‘Cox’s bazaar’ by the name of ‘Hiam Cox’ who was the director at 1773.

This locale is prevalent everywhere throughout the world mainly for its ocean beach, which is the longest ocean beach of the world. In this beach, it appears the nature has adorned it with the greater part of its deadly implements. The sound of the waves here appears like thunder of thousands of lions. Most prominent zone of the beach is the ‘Laboni Point’ as from here the magnificence of nightfall and dawn is best viewed.

Here close to the beach, there are numerous hotels and eateries accessible for the visitors. Some of these are worldwide norms as in light of the fact that numerous outside sightseers visit here.

Alternate astounding territory in Cox’s bazaar is the holy person Martine Island. It is a coral island. Other name of it is ‘Narikel Jinjira’ or Coconut Island as there are numerous coconut trees here. In this way, coconuts are extremely cheap here. This region is extremely intriguing on the grounds that here the seawater is so evident. The most famous thing of Saint Martin Island is the crisp fishes and dry fishes. Nobody can overlook the essence of these in the event that he ever takes this. Normally we can go there by ship from Teknaf, which is the most southern piece of Cox’s Bazaar primary land.

Other visitor spots here are Inani beach, Moheshkhali, Dulahazra safari stop.

Of these attractions, Dulahazra safari stop is an incredible vacation destination and in addition it is imperative for controlling the eradication of the wild creatures of Bangladesh. It is the primary safari stop of Bangladesh. Here, heaps of various creatures and winged animals are seen.

Consistently a large number of sightseers from home and abroad visit here to watch the regular polish. They have sweet dreams subsequent to going to these zones.