Costa Rica Hot Spot – Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna

Costa Rica is notable for its volcanoes and the most renowned one is the most dynamic one: Arenal Volcano.

Getting to La Fortuna

You can get to Arenal Volcano by transport they leave hourly from San Jose at the Atlantico Norte station on Calle 12 (twelfth Street). You need the transport made a beeline for San Carlos. In the event that you’ve leased an auto it’s a delightful drive from San José. Also, you will pass two phenomenal side problem areas: Zarcero and San Carlos.

In case you’re driving, from San José take the Interamerican Highway towards Puntarenas. Take the Naranjo-Ciudad Quesada exit. Zarcero is around a hour and a half drive from San José. Zarcero is an interesting and delightful little town settled up in the mountains, 1,700 meters above ocean level. You will locate the best cheddar in Zarcero so make a point to stop and get some queso blanco (white cheddar) it’s my most loved cheddar. Zarcero is extremely green with a considerable measure vegetation and homesteads. A prevalent stop is an etched garden around the local area. This person makes excellent models of colossal brambles. So you’ll see rabbits, bull trucks and all the more all etched from these colossal brambles.

I suggest you eat at Doña Chila’s, they serve regular Costa Rican sustenance and it flavorful! It’s found just before you achieve Zarcero. Here you will likewise observe a considerable measure of merchants offering products of the soil from their little stands-keep in mind to get some queso blanco.

Presently take off of Zarcero towards San Carlos. Ciudiad Quesada is the business focus in the San Carlos plain in the focal Alajuela area. This is the center of the Northern Zone. Contingent upon how much time you have they there is a decent Forrest hold called Termales del Bosque. Confirmation is $8. Pleasant climbing and they have warm pools which are phenomenal hot spring pools. From Ciudiad Quesada you will see signs to La Fortuna and Volcano Aerenal. Simply take after the signs. Add up to drive time from San Jose is around 3-1/2 hours.

Arenal Volvano, La Fortuna Travel Tips

Volcan Arenal has been dynamic since 1968. It has a splendidly molded cone that flies out of the slopes of Alajuela. You can hear noisy blasts and dark mushroom mists surging out of the well of lava top. You can likewise observe rocks being launched out by the spring of gushing lava and being pummeled down the inclines. Around evening time you can see a decent magma show. Presently this doesn’t happened each time and a great deal of times there is overwhelming hazes and mists obstructing your perceivability. Along these lines, some of the time you can’t see the fountain of liquid magma so I would call one of the hotels in the zone and get some information about the perceivability.

Know there is a possibility you won’t see anything in view of the mists. The odds are far more atrocious amid the stormy season. So despite the fact that notwithstanding amid the dry season the mists can in any case obstruct your view-it’s your most obvious opportunity to see the magma streams and the intensely hot rocks being shot out. I’ve been there ordinarily and just twice did I get the huge show. Be that as it may, going to La Fortuna is as yet justified, despite all the trouble regardless of the possibility that your odds of seeing a magma show is 50/50.

With a specific end goal to expand your odds stay at one of the “observatory” lodges which were worked to give you a the best perspectives of the fountain of liquid magma. Late during the evening or in the early day break hours is your most solid option to get a magma show.

By the observatory stop there are many climbing trails around there. From the officer station at the recreation center passage you can pick two trails one prompts a You can climb the Chato spring of gushing lava which is wiped out. It has gave way onto itself and now has a lake in the pit encompassed by a forrest. You can get to it by a climbing trail close to the Arenalmirador (obeservatory) where you can watch streaming magma. There is an excellent waterfall where you can go swimming, called Catarata La Fortuna which is Spanish for La Fortuna Waterfall.

Different exercises incorporate horseback riding and shelter visits. The warm pools are the best. These are hot springs. The Tabacon cabin is an incredible spot to go unwind in the hot spring warm waters. You can get a day go to hit their pools which are worked around the warm waters. So you’re swimming in these actually warm waters from the spring of gushing lava. You can likewise get a perspective of the fountain of liquid magma cone from here. They have five regular mineral pools at various temperatures one with a swim up bar, a water slide, and a waterfall. They additionally have a Tico sustenance eatery and several bars. Cost is around $30 for a day pass.

The Cataratas Rio Fortuna are an absolute necessity see. It’s an excellent waterfall set in the rain-backwoods close to the edge of the Arenal Volcano National Park. It’s $1.50 to enter. You need to climb down a gorge which can be testing however the reward is perspectives of the lovely waterfall and taking a dunk in the normal pool. Normal temperature around there is 75 degree Fahrenheit.

Another decent spot around there is Lake Arenal which is a vast supply man-made lake at the foot of the spring of gushing lava along the slopes of Guancaste. Many individuals enjoy sailing and angling on the lake. Windsurfing is extremely mainstream here-you can lease windsurfing gear in the event that you wish.

Underneath the lake is old Arenal a town that was submerged in the 1970’s after it was demolished by a spring of gushing lava ejection in the 1960’s. The more regrettable late emission was in 1968. Two towns were crushed and more than 80 individuals kicked the bucket. There has been some current action the previous couple of years yet not at all like 1968. Preceding 1968 the fountain of liquid magma had been lethargic for a long time.

The zone of La Fortuna is one of my most loved attractions in Costa Rica.