Chattahoochee Bend, Georgia’s Newest State Park

Chattahoochee Bend State Park is a fresh out of the plastic new stop in Coweta County, a short drive southwest of the metro Atlanta territory. The recreation center opened in July 2011 and is the state’s first new stop in 18 years. Despite the fact that the state had claimed the property for quite a long while, the land had never been produced. With tight budget requirements, it took bunches of worker hours from eager neighborhood volunteers to make the recreation center a reality.

The new stop is one of the biggest in the state, covering more than 2,900 sections of land. It is situated on an excellent tract of land in a horseshoe bend of the Chattahoochee River. The recreation center ensures more than five miles of stream facade. A significant part of the recreation center land has been left undeveloped. The lush land is comprised of pines and hardwoods, with little streams that stream into the waterway.

The recreation center has officially turned out to be prominent with boaters and climbers. A cleared pontoon incline gives access to the Chattahoochee River. The recreation center does not lease pontoons, but rather guests can convey their own particular kayaks and kayaks to dispatch. Tubing is not suggested in the recreation center region, as the waterway bank is steep with few get to focuses. Angling in the waterway is additionally well known. A legitimate Georgia angling permit is required. Explorers can appreciate calm strolls along more than six miles of trails. A few trails come the stream and offer pleasant perspectives. Climbers will locate a vast perception tower along one trail. The review stage manages beautiful perspectives of the waterway and encompassing range. Explorers may see an assortment of winged animals in the recreation center and additionally deer.

There are a few territories for outdoors in the recreation center. There are cleared RV destinations with hookups, and there are various riverfront stages for tents. For an interesting outdoors understanding, attempt one of the recreation center’s Adirondack style covers. There are four of these three-sided screened covers that can be leased. Another shower house gives shower offices.

Chattahoochee Bend State Park has a Visitor Center with a blessing shop. Outing destinations with flame broils along the waterway give an awesome place to guests to have a picnic. There are two cookout protects that can be saved for gatherings. Children will appreciate the recreation center’s new play area gear.

The new state stop is situated close to the town of Newnan, Georgia at 425 Bobwhite Road, an augmentation of Flat Rock Road. Chattahoochee Bend State Park is open from 7am-10pm. There is a $5 stopping charge for every vehicle.