How to Be a Good Citizen

Something other than citizenship Regardless of whether you’re conceived with citizenship or gain it after migration, there’s something else entirely to being a Good Citizen than simply having that legitimate bit of paper. It’s about […]

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

From a useful point of view, Taurus man and Cancer lady are an extraordinary match. From an enthusiastic and sentimental angle, it’s much the same. This doesn’t mean the relationship will be without issues, yet […]

How to Handle Toxic People

Toxic People Are All Around Us Trust it or not, toxic people are surrounding you. You see them consistently. You converse with them. You work with them. You’re identified with them. You may even live […]

Types of Teenage Girls

Back in secondary school, we were animals of an alternate sort. These are the types of girls I experienced or was myself. For those of you who recall secondary school (or are still in it), […]

Why Does Nobody Love Me?

The world, it is stated, rotates around love. Everyone looks for it, some discover it and some don’t. The antiquated Greeks had six words for love. They were eros (sexual enthusiasm), philia (love between companions), […]