Can You Tell Me, “How Can I Change My Luck?”

I require your assistance to manage me in knowing: “How Can I Change My Luck?” Just one more day when I was heading to head a prospective employee meeting, I all of a sudden felt a draw on the driver’s side tire. I ceased on the roadside and observed of the tire. It was level! The most noticeably bad thing was that I was at that point late. Prior to the street side administration fellow could come, I had officially missed my meeting. Presently I was assume to go on another long occupation chase. I cannot bear to be jobless, and cannot manage the cost of some other misfortune frequency like the above. Time is hard now and comfortable minute I need to know from you – how I can change my luck?

I have attempted numerous things including Rabbit’s feet, the white sage smirching, rainbows and the lucky charms. I generally avoid stepping stools and mirrors. I remain back at home the Friday that falls on thirteenth of the month in spite of any critical work. Be that as it may, because of some reason not known to me, insane things transpire.

May be it is because of the way I get out my bed. I have a propensity for lying in the bed for a little time after I get up in the morning. I never jump at the chance to get up in the morning and I like the rest more. I do realize that whatever other meeting, in future, I miss for any reason then I should get up and go some place where individuals give nourishment for work. In any case, by the by I don’t know that I will even posture so much quality or even I can be quick – to get it going.

I discover you with the great keep running of luck. I think perhaps you can indicate out me the correct bearing. I generally imagined that “the good luck or the misfortune” thing was crazy. However, the couple of things like that – get a kick out of the chance to work one – happened and I don’t wish to take another risk any longer. It would be ideal if you Help!