Biking in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Biking is not just great physical action for the heart and general wellbeing, it can likewise be very fun! Biking offers riders the alternative to take in the sights and sounds that Albuquerque, New Mexico brings to the table. Travel to Albuquerque, set up camp at one of the numerous hotels in Albuquerque New Mexico, get your bicycle and take a ride over the city. Albuquerque has a standout amongst the most grand bicycle trails in the nation and all bikers will appreciate the trails offered by this superb city. Searching for something to do while staying at one of the numerous Albuquerque hotels found advantageously inside the city, why not investigate biking.

Evaluated by Sunset Magazine as one of the best bicycle trails in the United States, the Paseo Del Bosque trails offers a standout amongst the most heavenly picturesque perspectives of the city. In the wake of checking in at an Albuquerque hotel, snatch your bicycle and go to the Paseo Del Bosque bicycle trail. Likewise highlighted by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the best bicycle trails, this multi utilize trail will have any biker, from beginner to master, getting a charge out of a pleasant evening out. The trail goes through the metro territory of the Rio Grande’s cottonwood woodland. A few highlights include:

16 miles of multi-utilize trails

Beautiful perspectives of the Tingley Beach, Central Avenue, and various different areas!

A breathtaking voyage through the Rio Grande Valley State Park

An opportunity to ride through the Rio Grande Nature Center

What’s more, a great deal more!

Beside the various bicycle trails encompassing the Albuquerque hotels, there are likewise many open space trails accessible to bikers. These novel and open bicycle trails extend in level from simple to troublesome, and are found in different diverse sorts of conditions and elevations. For a more advantageous take a gander at the different trouble levels each trails have, here is a breakdown of the three distinct levels:


The Albuquerque Bosque offers a smooth, simple ride for bikers extending from amateurs to specialists. The Paseo del Bosque can likewise be found in the open space grounds and offers a staggering perspective of the changing landscape the city has. The trail is around 15 miles one way and offers open stopping. The Albuquerque Bosque is additionally found close-by a strategically located Albuquerque hotel.


An all the more decently troublesome bicycle ride can be found at Petroglyph National Monument Volcanoes Park trail. This marginally more troublesome bicycle trail starts close to the general population parking area and offers a few distinct courses for your survey comfort. Access to the recreation center is free with hours running from 9am-5pm, seven days seven days.


The Sandia Foothills bicycle trail is by a long shot the troublesome of the three bicycle trails. Situated close to various hotels in Albuquerque New Mexico, the trail keeps running from the Copper trailhead to the Elena Gallegos excursion territory. The trail’s trouble originates from the mountain slopes and desolate betray environment and is available through Elena Gallegos cookout range.